Little star - The first door

Welcome to this year's advent calendar!
As announced yesterday, it will be different from the last one.
Throughout the year I took some time from my regular creating to make Christmas and winter items and I will share one every day.
There will be no stories or traditions unless an item has been inspired by one in which case it will be told, and if I chose to try out a tutorial, I will of course share that, too.
I hope you will enjoy my crafty advent calendar.
Let's start this!

Stars - they are always there, but play a special role at Christmas.
This little star was supposed to be a break from the puffy stars. It's definitely flat! ;-)
I used a shimmering transparent purple for the five brick stitch rays. As you can imagine, the shape wasn't holding up very well by itself, so I spontaneously glued and sewed it to some embroidery base and added Ultrasuede backing.
Still the star looked too simple, so I gave it a small shiny edging as well.
Isn't it cute now?


  1. Off to a great start, Cat! I can imagine how pretty the star would look on a Christmas tree. :)

  2. It’s beautiful! And I love purple.