Zibbet finds of the week - Chocolate

After yesterday's quote it was an obvious choice. Who wouldn't like a little shopping spree for chocolate? Let's go and visit Zibbet, shall we?

I'm sorry, but no matter how good they look, these chocolate charms are not edible. On the other hand they not only have no calories, but also don't go bad. I found them at Clay Art by Daresa.

This is the real thing. Be honest, are you drooling already? ;-) It's chocolate rocky road fudge from Lisa's Hillside Bakery.

If you like to send others a sweet note, these note cards showing chocolate cupcakes would be such a nice extra touch, don't you think? You can find them at Luvncrafts.

At Clemmie V's totes and bags I found a wristlet that shows the world you are a chocolate lover. Isn't it cute?

Who wouldn't like to swim in chocolate? At least you can pretend you do if you use the chocolate cherry mousse whipped bath butter soap from Pegasus Soaps. Doesn't it look delicious??

Excuse me now, I think I'll have to rummage around in my closets for some chocolate ...


Quote of the week

I'm a little late today. Everything is out of rhythm, and I still have to do this and that and oh no, I totally forgot about ... calm down, calm down. One step at a time.

"One night he was invited to drink unrefined cacao with a pinch of chili, the very same drink the ancient Maya used in their secret ceremonies. The Maya believed cacao held the power to unlock hidden yearnings and reveal destinies ..."

Cacao, anyone?

Chocolat, UK/USA, 2000


Zibbet finds of the week - Pumpkins

The other day when I was going downtown in the morning, a little girl was walking next to me, obviously on her way to school. That's not unusual, but what caught my eye was the rather big pumpkin she was carrying, hugging it with both arms, concentrating on not dropping it.
I love pumpkins and it is fall, so I'm going to honor that in today's post. Follow me through Zibbet and let's see what we find, shall we?
Pumpkin time!

Sign by MonkMama

This is just one of the harvest pumpkins at Crafts by Carrie. Such a cute little decoration!

Another clever decoration idea is this wonderful pumpkin created from a - believe or not - vent hose! You'll find it at the Texas Eagle Gallery.

"My name is Pumpkin. Peter Pumpkin." Peter is an adorable art doll and comes with his own wheelbarrow from the shop of Morning Mist Designs.

Embellish by Jackie brings you just the right card for this time of the year.

Or how about showing your love for the season with this wonderful tote bag from Colleen's Designs?

I hope you enjoyed the walk through the Zibbet pumpkin patch ... and for those who are surprised that all these items are not "halloweeny", no worries, you just need to be a little more patient.


Quote of the week

Today's movie makes me sad. One man, two women. I still think he's getting the wrong one in the end although I do understand why.
I guess it has never been easy to keep up a relationship with a dead person. He was prepared to follow her, mind you ... but she wouldn't let him saying he was not hers, even if she loved him.
Don't worry, I have not finally crossed the border to insanity. This is an animation movie, and I think it says a lot about how the characters are done to make me feel like this.
From the start, though.
Victor is supposed to marry. His parents, merchants, want him to marry upper class. That brings in Victoria whose parents are upper class, but unfortunately very broke.
Victor messes up the wedding rehearsal because he can't remember the vows. He runs off to the woods and practises ... and accidentally gives the vows and the wedding ring to a dead bride.

The underworld is fun, much more fun than gloomy life above, but Victor isn't quite ready for that and is trying to keep the dead off his back, with everything he can find ...

"I've got a ... I've got a ... dwarf. And I'm not afraid to use him."

Corpse Bride, UK/USA, 1985

P.S. We are heading towards Halloween, can you tell?