Oldies but Goodies - Farm living

When I was a child, the time spent on the farm of my godmother's parents was always special.
I didn't deal well with some things like being expected to eat the chicken that had still run around the same morning (but no, I never had to witness myself how it went from running around to making its way to the stove), but most of the memories are vivid and good - with half of them probably being a little misty-eyed.
I had "my own" cow. At least I had first dibs on buying her if I ever made enough money which I was sure would happen eventually. She was white and light brown and her name was Diana.
I loved all the cats, first of all O'Henry, the big tabby, and although already being a cat person back then, I also loved Hera, the big German shepherd. Actually I don't know how big she really was, but I was pretty small back then. When my godmother's brother asked me to open the gate for her, I was always a little afraid because she would stand against it and just let herself drop - and crush me inadvertently, no doubt. Sometimes I managed alone, sometimes someone came out of the stable, saw me standing there and opened the gate with just the tiniest eyeroll.
I helped picking berries in the garden, rode along on the tractor and played a vital role (from a safe distance ;-)) in putting the cows out to pasture. I snuggled bunnies, collected eggs, read my godmother's and her brothers' old children books, watched her mother cook and was probably generally in the way of everyone.

This week's Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge is about what you can find on a farm ... animals, plants, and more. I hope you'll like my selection!

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Oldies but Goodies - Winter White

There's a window behind my bed, and I just have to turn my head a little and I can see the sky. I love watching the moon wander across the night sky, sometimes in the middle of the night if I wake up. Last night, however, we had a new moon. Instead I saw fat snowflakes coming down. When I got up to have a look at the street, I saw they had already settled on the roofs, the cars, and the ground. Although I'm not a fan of snow - to put it nicely - it looked peaceful. No one was out there, it was completely quiet, and only here and there I could see a light from a window in the neighborhood.
This morning I didn't wake up from the scratching of shovels on the ground, so I knew it had to have stopped snowing, and indeed the snow had gone as if it had only been a dream.

After a break the Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge is back in this new year now, this week with the topic Winter White. Enjoy.

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