I'm getting ready. Are you? As I am still working on something else, I can't plan a bigger piece although a pattern has been waiting behind the curtains for months only needing some color decisions and spots being touched up here and there, but I'm confident I'll have some smaller items ready in time.

If you follow me on Facebook, you might already have seen the pendants, one with an alien, not especially Halloweeny I admit, but that's okay as it was actually a custom order, the other one with a grinning pumpkin.
There will be more of these "I love" pendants with other themes as well.

Maybe I can show you a picture of a finished one tomorrow.
And how would you like the idea of a little Halloween sale? I stumbled upon an old picture for a Halloween special in my files ... let me know what you think!


Finds of the week - Llamas

Inspired by the intro of one of my favorite movies - and let me say that the five is right out - my subject for today are llamas.

This choice limits the length of the post somewhat, but I think the items themselves that I found on Zibbet will make up for that.

The button available in the shop of Portable Graffiti shows the print of an antique etching. Now that's someone not everyone is wearing on his denim jacket (that's how I wear my favorite buttons) which makes it special.

From antique print to an antique hand colored Victorian engraving "The Llama" that you can find at Petit Poulailler. I don't know if it's just me, but does it look as if it has claws? Hey, that was 1850 after all, they didn't know everything then.

A new shop on Zibbet are the Sugar River Llamas. It's not hard to see that this shops's items revolve around llamas, it was very hard, however, to pick just one.
This hat with the many llamas is my favorite for sure!

Thank you for travelling to South America with Cat's Wire, I hope you enjoyed your trip even if there were no peanuts, and I'll be able to welcome you on board again soon ;-)


Lazy or not lazy ...

... that's the question.
Not lazy, I promise, even if my blog looks neglected except for the finds and the quotes. Okay, okay, it has been neglected, but I did have my reasons.
One of them is a fundraiser I am still doing for a friend of mine and her cats to help out with vet bills. It's the chance to get an original Cat's Wire piece at a great price and get some grateful cats' purrs on top.
You can check out what's still available in the "Perry and his pals" album on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, but are still interested in a piece, you can write to cat@catswire.com and I'll be happy to tell you more. Some of the pieces were made just for this album.

I have also been working on two orders and I started putting rocks and pearls into handmade wire knit ropes like in these two pieces.
The long one is for me since the rocks were a gift, the other one was made for a JAC challenge that you will hear more about later this month.

The urge to put more things into the ropes is almost overwhelming, I can tell you! It will have to wait a bit longer, though. There is this still very secret project I am working on, one that I am very excited about.
I could really use more time, a few more arms and a huge chai supply!!


Finds of the week - It's a dog's life ...

Is it now?
I went through Zibbet's "dog life" for you ;-)

Let's start with a beautiful Greyhound Peyote pattern by my friend Mona (not the only dog pattern in her shop, by the way ... and there's something for us crazy cat ladies, too!).

Next in line is an adorable little Dalmatian hanging on to a candle holder. He's made from polymer clay and waiting for you at Caren's Clayful Creations!

Just one of the dog breeds appearing on a Christmas ornament (I think it would be a great ornament all year round) from the Whippetdog Studio is this Alaskan Malamute. Gorgeous, don't you think?

You need a sweet little gift? How about this cute doggie pendant from Artsy Clay?

Your little one can learn to count with the help of beads. It will be even more fun as they come along with this green dog as a helper! You can find him in the shop of Beecreativebox.

This print by Phyllis Harris showing a little girl and her best friend gave me a big smile, I'm sure it will make you smile, too. Please check out her shop for more wonderful childrens art.

Of course I could have gone on and on and on, but it's easy enough for you to explore the dog's life yourself by searching for "dog" on Zibbet. Have fun!


Quote of the week

Today I'm going to take you back a family that I introduced to you in June 2012.

The daughter of Phil and Claire, Haley, has decided to move in with her boyfriend Dylan right after highschool. Haley and Dylan are convinced they'll make it, her parents are not quite so convinced, mostly because they know both her daughter and Dylan.
I think Phil makes the best point ever in such a discussion.
For all of you IKEA lovers out there ...

Claire: Um, at first, it's a blast. Buying a dish rack, hanging a sheet up to turn one room into two.
Phil: Allen-wrenching a bookcase called a "Njarnk" because you couldn't afford the "Sklurg".

*gasp* Can you imagine having to do with the "Njarnk" instead of the "Sklurg"??? I don't even want to think about it!!!

Modern Family, USA, 2009 -