Lazy or not lazy ...

... that's the question.
Not lazy, I promise, even if my blog looks neglected except for the finds and the quotes. Okay, okay, it has been neglected, but I did have my reasons.
One of them is a fundraiser I am still doing for a friend of mine and her cats to help out with vet bills. It's the chance to get an original Cat's Wire piece at a great price and get some grateful cats' purrs on top.
You can check out what's still available in the "Perry and his pals" album on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, but are still interested in a piece, you can write to cat@catswire.com and I'll be happy to tell you more. Some of the pieces were made just for this album.

I have also been working on two orders and I started putting rocks and pearls into handmade wire knit ropes like in these two pieces.
The long one is for me since the rocks were a gift, the other one was made for a JAC challenge that you will hear more about later this month.

The urge to put more things into the ropes is almost overwhelming, I can tell you! It will have to wait a bit longer, though. There is this still very secret project I am working on, one that I am very excited about.
I could really use more time, a few more arms and a huge chai supply!!


  1. Yes, put more things in ropes, they are awesome! The one for yourself is just perfect...

  2. Thank you! I am thinking of found objects for example, like shells, to change the look a bit. For the moment I'm working with the loom mostly.