Quote of the week

Happy 1st advent!

For today I picked a movie that is very dear to my heart, for obvious reasons. It has the great Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in it, it makes my librarian's heart jump, it's fun, romantic and has some great lines.

One of my favorites is one I could never use myself. Why, you ask? Well, I can't remember the names, either!

Richard Sumner, computer specialist, being left alone at the archive, tries to remember the names of Santa Claus' reindeers when a caller is asking for them.
"Of course I can... let's see, there's Dopey, Sneezy, Grouchy, Happy, Sleepy, Rudolph and Blitzen!"
Ehm, I don't think so ;-)

Desk Set, USA, 1957


Mabel is back!

It seems as if Mabel is back from her vacation.
Today I felt like making something larger than usual. Not just a pendant or a pair of earrings, but something a little more fancy. Probably the upcoming holidays are already affecting my brain ...

This is still a WIP. Looking at the pictures I took I'm pretty sure I like the length the way it is now, but at the moment there is a chain without clasp in the back which for this picture I had to tie into a small knot, so the collier wouldn't be too long for a picture. Other opinions are more than welcome.

There's black and green onyx, faceted blue sapphire, lots of fine and sterling silver and the bottom piece has tiny silver beads all over.


Quote of the week

Today I picked a movie I love very much (even if it's not historically correct).
I use my favorite quote from it a lot, but usually not in the same context.

"Too many notes!"
Actually it's reported that Emperor Joseph II. really said this to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart about "The marriage of Figaro".

Come on, now you know what movie I am talking about, don't you?

"Amadeus" of course!
Now I have the craving of listening to the Requiem ...

Amadeus, USA, 1984


Quote of the week

Lately I have been watching one of my favorite old TV series again. I remember loving it as a child (although I probably just saw the rerun) and now I love it even more after being able to watch it on DVD in English.

My favorite quote:
" ... and loving it!"

Any idea? It's the 60s spy parody series "Get Smart" with agents 86 (aka Maxwell Smart) and his pretty partner 99. Admit it, who else would have killed for a shoe phone? ;-)
I don't tire to look at the outfits, either ....

Get smart, USA, 1965 - 1970


That's the way it goes - Romance

They met at elementary school during the lunch break. She had dropped her sandwich in the mud and small gentleman he was, he offered her his. She saw his slightly shocked look when she accepted, so they shared it - cheese and ketchup, his favorite.
After that they were almost inseparable, so much that it made their mothers smile when they saw the two walking hand in hand.

After having lost each other at high school for a while, they found back together when they met at a concert in the park.
When he saw her sitting there in the grass, her long dark hair falling down her back, her bright blue eyes, the chewing gum bubble she just had blown all over her lips, when he heard her laughing out loudly, he couldn't help but falling in love.
He approached her and when she looked up at him, he handed her his orange banana smoothie in an impulse. This time he wasn't shocked when she accepted.

They spent a fabulous time together. They played minigolf, they watched DVDs, played computer games and went swimming ... and again their mothers smiled when they saw them walking hand in hand.
They walked through the fields, looking up and he promised her to get the moon and stars down from the sky for her.

That was the moment when she told him that she loved him. And he wasn't shocked, but only held her very tight. Her heart felt all dizzy, but really happy as well.

So they decided to tell their parents. Their mothers exchanged glances and their smiles seemed to say "We knew it." Their fathers started looking into their wallets and had a stiff drink together.

She was a beautiful bride, reminding of Snow White with the dark hair, the fair skin, all dressed in white. He couldn't take his eyes off her, even after all these years.

Of course they would face problems, have one or the other fight, but they were determined to make this romance last ...

All these items were made by members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers. Amazing, isn't it?

1. Oak Meadow Elementary School Maverick Earrings by Renaissance Gal of San Antonio
2. Orange Banana Smoothie Pendant/Necklace by Live Mini
3. Glow in the Dark Stars and Moon Switch Plate by Kneaded Things
4. Polymer Clay Heart Pendant by Michigan Mud Clay Studio
5. Polymer Clay and Smoky Quartz Earrings by Haffina Creations
6. Classic Red Roses Lentil Polymer Clay Bead Pair by Too Aquarius

P.S. This is fiction, but I like to think there is a couple like this out there somewhere ;-)


From Lemmi to Ignis Fatuus

Lemmi (whose full name was Herr Balduin Percy Hannibal Lehmann) was a bookworm living in a library. I loved him and the stories he presented in the TV series "Lemmi und die Schmöker", translated "Lemmi and the old books". Characters came out of their books to tell part of their story, this was supposed to make children read the whole book. For me it worked although I probably didn't need the encouragement, but I know it worked for others, too. And maybe it would still work today, but Lemmi and his human companions only did their jobs from 1973 to 1983. What a pity.

Now I'm a librarian, at a very different one from the one Lemmi lived in. To be honest, most of our books don't do much for me as it's the technical branch and my technical side - let's say, it's a little under-developed ;-)
And still I love the feel of books even if I don't want to read them. To hold a book, to smell it, to feel the paper - maybe if I were not as technically challenged, I would have tried bookbinding myself. Ok, I did it twice during my training, but I decided to leave it to people who know what they are doing.

One of them is my HIE guild mom Liesan from Ignis Fatuus.
I have to admit it, I'm addicted to her books and so I wanted to show you my treasures. Where they come from there are more, you really should have a look before I can get back there! ;-)

Velvet. I can't help myself, velvet is so, so beautiful!
This was the book I started with. It's looked away safely from cat hair, though.

Seeing this book you know why the other one is locked away at the moment. This velvet-like book is always on my desk and often enough under my cats' butts. It holds my secret ideas ....

Do you remember the Polymer Clay Smoosher Masquerade Ball? This was a fan entry made by Liesan. Isn't it gorgeous? I had to have it!

My latest love are these miniature books, though. Black and blue and so cute!

Then it came to me that they were the perfect gift for librarians ... I'm lucky, the people these little beauties are meant for don't read my blog. When I opened the parcel however my first thought was to keep them *sigh*

And this is not all you can find at Ignis Fatuus! Have a look yourself.


Quote of the week

I had it on VHS and watched it so much that the tapes finally looked like movies from the 20s, all jumpy and worn out.
And I finally got it on DVD when the tapes drew their last tortured breath.

I'm talking about one of the greatest TV series at all (my humble opinion), Blackadder. From time to time I ask myself which of the individual series I liked best. It always ends up the same, I can't tell.
What I can tell, is my favorite quote, though. I'm sure I do not stand alone with this, so get ready ... one, two, three ....

"I have a cunning plan."

Well done, my Baldricks of the world! ;-)

Blackadder, UK, 1983 - 2000


Deck the halls ... Cat's Wire's Christmas giveaway!

Ok, I know it's only November, but if I want to have a giveaway you see it makes not much sense to start it in December, right? I'd run out of time.
To keep suspense up a bit, let's have a look at my decoration ideas first.

When I was a child, I bought small Christmas ornaments for my grandmother's artificial tree. The memory inspired me to make this set of 10 miniature wire crochet ornaments from colorful copper wire. Of course there are so many more colors, so if someone does not want pink or orange on the tree, no problem!

These are the big siblings of the mini ornaments. They too come in lots of different colors. They look beautiful in candle light.

Just as beautiful look these light baskets in different sizes. You can't only use them for tea lights, but also to collect your coins or to drop your earrings and rings for the next day. They are also a nice gift filled with some candy.

Now I have made you wait long enough. It's time to announce Cat's Wire's Christmas giveaway!
Let me know one of your Christmas memories in a comment to this post or, if you don't celebrate Christmas, tell us about some other holiday memory of yours and you can win this ....

.... rainbow ornament!
It's about 2.5 inch or 6.5 cm high and is made from different colors of copper wire and even some bronze wire.
Put it on your tree, it looks great in the light, or if you don't have a tree, hang it up elsewhere and just let the bright colors make you smile. Rainbows always make me smile!

The winner will be drawn from all those who commented until the 30th of November, so don't forget to leave something that lets me contact you.
Now I wish you much fun on your trip down the memory lane :-D



Let me put on my glasses. I will now very get very intellectual and talk about "joy" with you.
Forget about the glasses, I already had them on because I'm pretty much helpless without them.
Okay, let me try something else instead .... I got it, quotes!

"Joy is not in things, it is in us." You are right, Richard Wagner, but I think sometimes things can bring out the joy in us.

"Joy is increased by spreading it to others." I absolutely agree with you there, Robert Murray M'Cheyne although I have to admit I have never heard of you before.

And my favorite one is "Joy is the feeling of grinning inside." by Melba Colgrove, PhD.

You might ask where I'm heading with this post. I'm heading to the little things, the things that make me smile and give me a moment of joy even if I'm feeling down.
What are those things? That could be a headbutt from one of my cats, a last blooming rose when all the others are gone already, but also a person leaving you some of the dessert you like so much, a smile, a song on the radio that you haven't heard for a long time and that brings happy memories - but it also can be something material and this is what I want to show you now.
Off to the Smooshers! ;-)

These handmade beads by River Valley Design made me feel all warm with their beautiful bright and happy colors. As a matter of fact I was reminded of Christmas ornaments in candle light for a moment.

Now meet Cerlt the Evil who is still living in the studio of Art by Susmitha. Isn't he adorable? Sssh, have a look in the description and you'll find he's not that evil after all ...

I'm not a big fan of garlic. There's a long story behind that. This little garlic fellow however is so cute, he put a big smile on my face! He's sitting on his stopper in the shop of Pixies.

Now tell me, when have you been grinning on the inside lately and what made you?


Surprise, surprise!

In February it will be two years that my Merlin passed away.
Ever since he's gone, Meffi wouldn't go upstairs anymore. You could tell how much she missed him. She doesn't get along too well with the black devils. Ponder is too rude for her and although she has been seen exchanging quick nose kisses with Esme, there are times when I feel I need to buy a boxing ring for them and demand entrance fees.
The last few months she has started coming upstairs again, hm, more like running, but only if she feels the need to chase Ponder. As small and slim as she is, as big is her voice and she has the whole range, from growling to hissing, yelling and yowling and a sound that I would expect from a stag, but not a little cat.

Today however she was suddenly there, standing in front of the library, Greebo and Esme behind her looking just as surprised as I did, it seemed.
She checked out everything, first the library, then the old oven that stands in our hallway until the house's hallway is finished, and now she's in the library, sleeping on the pinball machine.

I just hope this won't be a one time incident, I always felt bad that she seemed to feel restricted to downstairs.
And there's this tiny spark of hope that one day she won't mind the noisy siblings around her anymore ...