Mabel is back!

It seems as if Mabel is back from her vacation.
Today I felt like making something larger than usual. Not just a pendant or a pair of earrings, but something a little more fancy. Probably the upcoming holidays are already affecting my brain ...

This is still a WIP. Looking at the pictures I took I'm pretty sure I like the length the way it is now, but at the moment there is a chain without clasp in the back which for this picture I had to tie into a small knot, so the collier wouldn't be too long for a picture. Other opinions are more than welcome.

There's black and green onyx, faceted blue sapphire, lots of fine and sterling silver and the bottom piece has tiny silver beads all over.


  1. Very beautiful! not something I would ever wear but I still love it!!

  2. How very elegant - just right for a prom or a winter bride

  3. Go Mabel! That's some serious party attire!