Hello, little hedgehog

Almost exactly seven years ago I made a little hedgehog family.
Today another of these little fellows turned up in my house. Maybe the big ones I encountered in the streets every, now and then when walking to the train in the morning sent her to check on me because we haven't met since I started home office due to the pandemic ;-)

It had been a long time since I made a hedgehog, but it had also been a while since I last did some wire crochet.
It's so funny how good it felt on one side - like visiting a very old friend you haven't seen for some time - but also how different the movement is for hands and wrists compared to the different beading techniques. It actually took some getting used to again.
Also I had to experiment a little because you may remember that I never put down patterns, so I had to figure out some parts again. The good thing about that was that I tried something different and was very happy with how it came out (and I'm not even talking about the ears ... yes, she's my first hedgehog with ears, the other ones probably preferred not listening to me ;-)).

She will be travelling across the ocean soon. Safe travels, little one!