Spring cleaning

It's not spring yet and I'm not cleaning my house as you might think now.
The cleaning I want to do is in my inventory. I feel there are some older pieces which could use a little rejuvenation. I'm not sure at the moment how far that will go, it depends a lot on what Mabel is telling me.

Have I ever told you she likes to hide in drawers, little bags, on wire spools and in boxes? I have to admit it, sometimes I am not very organized.
So today I found a bag containing nothing but a wire spool with some 9 ct. gold that I had gotten myself months ago to see if it would work for wire crochet (it doesn't ....) - with some faceted garnet beads on it! I remember thinking then  how gold and that red would go together perfectly, then I got discouraged by the wire breaking and packed it up, only to forget it. Like my grandmother used to say "the house doesn't lose anything".

One of the patients on my rejuvenation list had been a rope, spool knitted from dark red ribbon. Red garnets ... red ribbon ... hm ..... what about that tiger eye rock still lying around. Red and dark ... dark mood ... a dark pendant on milky white skin (thinking of my second doll head Lilith here) ... no silver ... gunmetal wire! As you can see, Mabel has been hard at work here which was no easy task as my head is not the best tool at the moment.

So here's the result - the "Lady Jean" necklace, now in my ArtFire studio.


Quote of the week

Today's quote is one of the most famous of TV history.
It has been used by many comedians and even you might have said it one or the other time, maybe slightly altered. I say it to my cats which doesn't make sense at all, it's not like they listen to me. Cats will be cats, but there will only ever be one Lassie ... and one after that and one after that ... you get the point.

So which one is the quote you remember best from the countless episodes of Lassie?
"Timmy is in the well."
You know what? Timmy was never in the well. I don't know why, maybe the writers didn't like wells. We'll never know how Lassie would behave in a well crisis. And still that quote will stay out there. TV history.

P.S. In the picture you don't see Lassie, but a collie girl who has been very dear to my heart, Flocki. I still miss you, girl.


Deduction and dents

I love Sherlock Holmes, always have. I always wished I could be as smart as him, have his ability of deductive reasoning and maybe live in London.
The way he knows the profession of a man or woman from an ink spot on his arm or their past from a faded tattoo, their identity even behind a mask or a man's life circumstances from a good look at a bowler hat ... just amazing.

And then sometimes I wonder what he would say about me. Would he know I'm a librarian from my long hair and glasses (you would be surprised how many people used to tell me these were perfect reasons to become a librarian)? He certainly would be able to detect four different kinds and colors of cat hair on my clothes, so my furry friends might not be a secret to him, but would he be able to say something about me, having a look at my bowler hat? Actually that started this string of thoughts ... I put on my hat the other day and then the "Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" came to mind.
Then I had a look at my fingernail.

No matter how often and carefully I file it, there is always this little dent that keeps coming back. Would Sherlock know it's the spot where my nail touches my crochet hook to hold it steady while I work? I have to admit I don't know how the English hold their crochet hooks. Here you can see two different styles, people holding them like pencils or like hammers for example. I'm the hammer kind girl, the other way doesn't work for me.

Enough rambling. I think I'm going to file at my dent now ...


A photo story

First let me say that I'm not in a great mood at the moment ... which is why you don't see me around much. Believe me, that's a good thing.
This I had to share with you, though. It's what the "security camera" picked up right now, and boy, am I ever glad it did or I would have to get my sister a new necklace.

1. The master thief detects a piece of jewelry which has not been secured by a lock or something. He reaches in to check out what possibilities he has got.

2. The master thief has dug in and released the loot easily from its poor hiding place. In expert manner he checks out the value of the piece, ignoring the sceptical look of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw.

3. It's always of interest to know how long the chain is. This one is probably too long to give it to one of his girlfriends.

4. Now that the question about the chain is answered, it's time to have a closer look and sniff at the pendant itself.

5. Finally the master thief takes notice of the security camera. In an attempt to feign innocence he drops the necklace.

P.S. I cheated a little on the order of those pictures, due to bad light I had to put together pictures from different attempts to steal the Crown Jewels. Actually he tried about five times while I had trouble to hold the camera still and keep myself from rolling on the floor laughing! You'll forgive me this little artistic freedom, won't you? ;-)


Quote of the week

In a former life I learnt Latin in school. Actually one of my two major courses was Latin.
Through many years I also tutored students in the difficult art of Latin.
Maybe that's the reason I enjoy this little scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian so much, it brings back countless memories.

Centurion: What's this, then? "Romanes eunt domus"? People called Romanes, they go the house?
Brian: It says, "Romans go home."
Centurion: No, it doesn't! What's the Latin for "Roman"? Come on, come on !
Brian: Er, "Romanus"!
Centurion: Goes like?
Brian: Annus.
Centurion: Vocative plural of "Annus" is?
Brian: Er, "Anni"!
Centurion: "Romani"... *writes "Romani" over Brian's graffiti* "Eunt"? What is "eunt"?
Brian: "Go".
Centurion: Conjugate the verb, "to go"!
Brian: Er, "Ire." Er, "eo," "is," "it," "imus," "itis," "eunt."
Centurion: So, "eunt" is... ?
Brian Third person plural present indicative, "they go".
Centurion: But, "Romans go home" is an order. So you must use... ? *twists Brian's ear*
Brian: Aaagh! Imperative!
Centurion: Which is...?
Brian: Aaaaagh! Er, er... "i", "i"!
Centurion: How many Romans?
Brian: Aaaaagh! Plural, plural... er, "ite"!
Centurion: "Ite"... *writes "ite" on wall* "Domus"? Nominative? "Go home" is motion toward, isn't it?
Brian: Dative! *Centurion pulls out gladius and holds it against Brian's throat* Aaagh! Not the dative, not the dative! Er, er... accusative, accusative, "ad domum", sir, "ad domum"!
Centurion: Except "Domus" takes the...?
Brian: The locative, sir!
Centurion: Which is...?
Brian: "Domum"!
Centurion: "Domum"... *writes "Domum" on wall* Um. Understand? Now, write it out a hundred times. 

Ms Evler, Mr Pflock, I bow to you for my years of Latin in your classes. This post is for you.



It had been like an adventure movie - the jungle, the snakes and the spiders, a competing team (even if they didn't carry poisoned arrows, but laptops and electronic devices), the heat, the excitement, and now they were here at the temple's gate.
They looked at each other. Who was to go first? There wouldn't be a trap, there wouldn't be a curse. This was the 21st century, none of them believed in curses and none of them carried a whip and wore a battered hat. They were scientists and still ... in these surroundings even hard-core scientists could suddenly feel doubtful about what to expect in this ancient temple.
Again they looked at each other and laughed in a slightly embarrassed way. Together they opened the heavy stone gate, and holding their torches up high they walked into the dark.
Suddenly one of the torches caught a sparkle, so they walked towards it and there it was - the face of the God.

When I had finished this piece, it reminded me so much of an ancient mask that I suddenly had this image in my mind. I myself would be much too chicken to fight my way through a jungle (the bugs would be my smallest problem, but the heat and the dampness and weird food), but we all probably have dreamed of a moment when we discover a treasure.

This treasure is in my Zibbet shop now where you can also see more pictures.


Quote of the week

What do you get if you have two psychiatrist brothers, an ex-cop father, an English psychic health caretaker, a radio producer who gets around and a few more characters?
You get "Frasier", a popular TV series that was around for eleven seasons.

While I myself adore Niles, the younger brother, today's quote is the one you'll hear most in the series as Frasier is a radio psychiatrist.
"I'm listening."

If only sometimes he did more of the listening than the talking! ;-)


Bling bling

This was one crazy week!!
I feel as if all my energy is drained, but still I managed to got a little bit done. Let me show you my latest creations with Swarovski crystals. I will be blinded soon if I keep working with them ;-)
And that's meant in a good way referring to their sparkle.

Do you remember Tomomi, my little dragon (read up on her story here)? Here is a new nest of hers, a little different from the others. The "egg" in it is an antique pinkish faceted glass crystal and all around the edge of the silver colored nest are black Swarovski. The bail is not only coiled, but also twisted.

Next is the Magma ring, crocheted from fine silver wire, adorned with a dome of light siam and black Swarovski. The name was thought up by a Plurk friend and when I read it, I could see it myself, the way the hot red magma shines through the black rocks.

Mabel had her say again as well, this time it was her playful side.
"I am Leo, hear me roar ... and see me sparkle." There are crystals all over him, his face, in his mane, even the nose and his tongue!

I hope to list these pieces in my shops tomorrow as I have to go out to dinner tonight. Yes, it's true, I have to. I'd rather stay home to catch up on some seriously needed chilling.

By the way, for those who don't know yet, there is still a sale going on in all my shops, 20 % until the end of January!


Quote of the week

People who know me also know I'm a big fan of the Penguins of Madagascar.
The Madagascar movies were funny, but the TV show is just plain hilarious. As mentioned before I adore Kowalski, another one is King Julien. I even honored them with a collection on ArtFire!

My favorite quote?
"Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave."
What else? ;-) I might have to try this out at work ...


The weekend is almost over ...

... which means the day job is waiting for me around the corner. It's going to be so hard to get up really early again!

As I don't know if Mabel will be overwhelmed by this fact (I found muses can get bored easily) and run away to Maui or Australia (in which case she could bring me some opals) , I took the chance to quickly work on another piece, a huge cross with lots of Swarovski crystals - blue and clear - and a faceted midnight blue glass bead as focal.

The addiction has taken over, that went quickly.

Here it is, if you want to see more pictures, you can find it here in my ArtFire studio.

P.S. "She has been telling stories about us again." "Nah, you are kidding, what did she say this time?" "She said we don't use the new box." "Doh, what does she know? Let's show her."
And that's what they did this evening. In abundance. Greebo, Esme and Ponder.
Here's just one example. Let's make the human look like a fool. Well done indeed.


Wondering ...

What it is wrong about this picture? After I almost tripped over this box for the fifth time today, I felt something was not quite right. Then suddenly I knew. There is no cat in there!!

As in all households ruled by feline emperors new boxes don't stay empty for long here. I have enough examples to prove it.

Esme often prefers her boxes not empty as in this case. I'm not sure if she ever read those books, but she camped out with them for weeks until she chose a new place to chill.

There had been another box resident before her. Gandalf still had a towel in it then that you could also use as a roof when he demanded absolute peace. Doesn't it look cosy?

I am not sure what Greebo had in mind here. At any case he looks highly concentrated. Maybe he tried to make the box take off by sheer willpower?

There are lots of pictures of Ponder in various boxes. My favorite one is this although he scared me a little with that determined look of his.

Meffi looks as if she was ready to get packed up in this picture. This is an unusual picture, the little diva prefers baskets usually in which being carried around she loves.

I have no doubt that Merlin slept in this box very comfortably. Not. You know how cats are. They never cease to amaze us.

So now back to my question.
What is wrong with that big and new and lovely box that none of our cats wants to try it out .....?
Any theories?



It's funny, but I really struggle with this week's subject for the Polymer Clay Smooshers' blogring. If it was spring now, it would be a lot easier, I guess. New flowers, leaves, the world awakening again.
The year's beginning is not of that much importance to me, though. To me really it is just another day, all that has changed is a number in the year. This is not supposed to sound depressed or anything, I just don't like to pin changes to a certain day.

So I'm going to shamelessly steal an idea I have seen several times before and feature shops that didn't have a sale on ArtFire yet. Believe me, I just don't understand why. You are in for a trip through some great studios. Ready, set, go!

Let's start with this beautiful pendant by Jill Kollmann Designs. Don't you just love those rich, earthy tones?

Art Deco is one my very favorite styles. This lovely bracelet with its geometric design reminds me strongly of it. You can find it in the studio of 11 Bold Street.

I rarely make beads although I love them and I admire anyone who creates them. Janine Design has done a great job here. The green in these beads almost makes me forget there is snow outside!

Lynard Skynyrd is a turtle, an adorable one. He swims in the K. Bish Gallery, but I'm sure he would love to see something of the world!

Ready for some browsing of your own? I'll leave you alone then. Here are the cookies, here's some cocoa. How about lighting a candle and diving into the beauty of polymer clay?



For me the first myth when I got to meet mythology was why the "Reader's Digest Book of Fairy Tales and Myths" started on page 732 and didn't contain any fairy tales. Well, forgive me, after all I was just a small child. I never found out if my godmother also owned the other volume.
I didn't mind because I loved this book. Prometheus and the Cyclops, Aeneas and Mucius Scaevola, Baldur and Loki, Siegfried und Kriemhild, they were all there. I read it again and again.

So when the poll closed for the Polymer Clay Smooshers' challenge with the result "Mythology", I was really excited. The only problem was it was so hard to decide what to choose.

I stuck with the Greeks for my entries.
One of my favorite stories ever was the one of Philemon and Baucis, the old couple who showed hospitality to the Gods when none of the rich people in their town did. The rich people got a flood and Philemon and Baucis got their home changed to a temple whose custodians they were until their time came. One of their wishes had been that none of them should survive the other, so when it was time, they were transformed into a pair of intertwining trees.
To honor that beautiful end I made a pendant showing the intertwining trees with the plate being from polymer clay and the bezel from wire crochet.

For my second piece I chose another one of my favorite characters - Medusa. The gorgon lady had been a beauty, but after flirting (and more) with the wrong man, Pallas Athene changed her into a hideous creature just like her sisters were. She was the only mortal gorgon, but she had a valuable weapon. One look at her hair made of snakes, her sharp eyeteeth, her long tongue and her glowing eyes turned people into stone.
Perseus finally defeated and beheaded her, being protected by a mirrored shield.
My Medusa is made from a polymer clay face cab which I caught in a wire crochet bezel onto which I added little wire snakes with their tongues sticking out. I attached the head to a barrette blank, something new for me. I can imagine wearing that very well - I might have to make one for myself ;-)

Both pieces are in my ArtFire studio now.
By the way, there is still my sale going on, 20 % off everything!


What does it say about me ....

... that I prefer to get a ceramic black hand for Christmas instead of a Smartphone (no, no one wanted to give me one, but I didn't even want one)?

... that I have more fun with this high heel black satin ringholder than with shoes to wear (says the sneaker girl)?

... that when looking at the bath oil we got I first notice the beads on a string around the bottle and wonder what to do with them and do not check out the scent of the oil?

... that I really, really want a "Rock, scissors, paper, lizard, Spock" t-shirt and/or one of Sheldon's t-shirts from Big Bang Theory?

... that I enthusiastically spend hours and hours to crochet a "man", but hate to spend 20 minutes folding laundry?

... that I get all jumpy about a gift consisting of differently colored wire and a crochet hook?

... that my nightstand holds wire, pliers, crochet hooks, books and the DVD player remote control?

... that I want to be like Kowalski from the Penguins of Madgascar?

You know I'm not sure I want an answer .....


Quote of the week

Today I wanted to bring you a quote which is profound, perfect for a new year's beginning.

You guessed it already, huh? I couldn't come up with one, probably because I started searching too late. Instead let's sing a song together, a folk song that appeared in a fine movie:
"Show me the way to go home
I'm tired and I want to go to bed

I had a little drink about an hour ago

And it went right to my head
(or it's gone straight to my head)
Where ever I may roam

On land or sea or foam

You will always hear me singing this song

Show me the way to go home"

Know the movie? Of course, it's Jaws!

 Picture by Mila Zinkova
Cheers, totally not profound, to a new year of quotes!


I'm a little late, it's already after midnight and therefore the 2nd of January. I procrastinated and then again I didn't. I just didn't do what I had planned to do. A great way to start into the new year because you might remember I don't make resolutions anyway - like getting things done in order for example ;-)
What I did do is take some bling pictures. Where the bling is you want to know? It's there, believe me, only there hasn't been good light all day. Fog is not my friend.
If you know Swarovski you also know it's hidden somewhere in this picture. Not the Swarovski, the bling! I keep staring at it and don't even want to put the two pieces away.
Ok, so I am a newbie to this. I have been told I'll be lost now and looking at the different colors I got I am afraid "they" could be right. I won't tell names ... you out there, you know who you are.

This is the second heart I made. The first one had no beads, but boy, do beads change this design!!
It's in my ArtFire studio now, sparkling away.

I have been slightly obsessed with stars lately, maybe the holidays are to blame. This one is a little plumper ("figure"wise ;-)) than the others, I gave it an extra row all around and I like it. You can find it in my Zibbet shop.

The stars are still stuck in my head with a different idea, somewhere in that long queue, so I'm pretty sure you will hear from them again, they might look a little different, though. Nope, not saying anything else.

I hope you all had a great first step into this new year!