Deduction and dents

I love Sherlock Holmes, always have. I always wished I could be as smart as him, have his ability of deductive reasoning and maybe live in London.
The way he knows the profession of a man or woman from an ink spot on his arm or their past from a faded tattoo, their identity even behind a mask or a man's life circumstances from a good look at a bowler hat ... just amazing.

And then sometimes I wonder what he would say about me. Would he know I'm a librarian from my long hair and glasses (you would be surprised how many people used to tell me these were perfect reasons to become a librarian)? He certainly would be able to detect four different kinds and colors of cat hair on my clothes, so my furry friends might not be a secret to him, but would he be able to say something about me, having a look at my bowler hat? Actually that started this string of thoughts ... I put on my hat the other day and then the "Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" came to mind.
Then I had a look at my fingernail.

No matter how often and carefully I file it, there is always this little dent that keeps coming back. Would Sherlock know it's the spot where my nail touches my crochet hook to hold it steady while I work? I have to admit I don't know how the English hold their crochet hooks. Here you can see two different styles, people holding them like pencils or like hammers for example. I'm the hammer kind girl, the other way doesn't work for me.

Enough rambling. I think I'm going to file at my dent now ...


  1. Ridges/dents in my nails come and go....I used to have a callous on my index finger becuase I used/use my finger to stop the pliers closing all the way....

    I get really upset when my little grey cells figure out the answer to my book before they should!

  2. You should see the middle finger of my left hand where the wire is ... wire crochet does NOT make nice fingers *lol*

    Yes, I do, but hard to do about Sherlock as I have read each story probably a hundred times!