What does it say about me ....

... that I prefer to get a ceramic black hand for Christmas instead of a Smartphone (no, no one wanted to give me one, but I didn't even want one)?

... that I have more fun with this high heel black satin ringholder than with shoes to wear (says the sneaker girl)?

... that when looking at the bath oil we got I first notice the beads on a string around the bottle and wonder what to do with them and do not check out the scent of the oil?

... that I really, really want a "Rock, scissors, paper, lizard, Spock" t-shirt and/or one of Sheldon's t-shirts from Big Bang Theory?

... that I enthusiastically spend hours and hours to crochet a "man", but hate to spend 20 minutes folding laundry?

... that I get all jumpy about a gift consisting of differently colored wire and a crochet hook?

... that my nightstand holds wire, pliers, crochet hooks, books and the DVD player remote control?

... that I want to be like Kowalski from the Penguins of Madgascar?

You know I'm not sure I want an answer .....


  1. YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! You remind me of me.."I'm not ADD..OLOOK SHINY THINGS!" :D

    Love the shiny ceramic hand!!

  2. That just means that you're a fun person. ;) (And man, now I want one of those shirts, too. LOL!)

  3. A girl after my own heart! ♥
    Love the crocheted guy.

  4. I love this post!!!
    Isn't it great that we can be so wonderfully weird and call ourselves artist...and that makes it o.k.
    oh and btw http://www.cafepress.com/+big_bang_theory_lizard_spock_tshirt,499508794
    for your big bang shirt

  5. :-) Love this post and love the hand. But you know me I'm drawn to shiny things, and high heels (the higher the better). ;-) The contrast in our styles is part of makes us such compatible friends. <3

  6. Thank you for all your comments!
    I just ordered myself the t-shirt from German Amazon :-D
    Starri, you won't believe it, I own a pair of high heels. I just can't walk in them anymore! *rofl*

  7. Yea I would look at the beads on the neck of the bath oil bottle first too! My night table just has finished jewellery on it.. It's the floor of the 'family' room that you can't see what colour the carpet is... becuase it's entirely covered in beads, pliers and yarn!