It's funny, but I really struggle with this week's subject for the Polymer Clay Smooshers' blogring. If it was spring now, it would be a lot easier, I guess. New flowers, leaves, the world awakening again.
The year's beginning is not of that much importance to me, though. To me really it is just another day, all that has changed is a number in the year. This is not supposed to sound depressed or anything, I just don't like to pin changes to a certain day.

So I'm going to shamelessly steal an idea I have seen several times before and feature shops that didn't have a sale on ArtFire yet. Believe me, I just don't understand why. You are in for a trip through some great studios. Ready, set, go!

Let's start with this beautiful pendant by Jill Kollmann Designs. Don't you just love those rich, earthy tones?

Art Deco is one my very favorite styles. This lovely bracelet with its geometric design reminds me strongly of it. You can find it in the studio of 11 Bold Street.

I rarely make beads although I love them and I admire anyone who creates them. Janine Design has done a great job here. The green in these beads almost makes me forget there is snow outside!

Lynard Skynyrd is a turtle, an adorable one. He swims in the K. Bish Gallery, but I'm sure he would love to see something of the world!

Ready for some browsing of your own? I'll leave you alone then. Here are the cookies, here's some cocoa. How about lighting a candle and diving into the beauty of polymer clay?


  1. Lovely post and lovely items.

  2. It's a wonderful post! And I agree, these are great shops with wonderful polymer clay pieces, I hope others start to see that, too =)

  3. lovely post - I'm not hot on celebrating new year either!

  4. It is hard to believe these shops haven't had sales yet. They have such wonderful items! Maybe your post will help them begin the year with a sale or 2! ;-)

  5. I just love the items you are showing. Very lovely. The little turtle is so cute!!!

  6. Hi Cat-
    Thank you so much for talking about Lynard in your post...You are awesome!!!!
    Great post BTW