Wondering ...

What it is wrong about this picture? After I almost tripped over this box for the fifth time today, I felt something was not quite right. Then suddenly I knew. There is no cat in there!!

As in all households ruled by feline emperors new boxes don't stay empty for long here. I have enough examples to prove it.

Esme often prefers her boxes not empty as in this case. I'm not sure if she ever read those books, but she camped out with them for weeks until she chose a new place to chill.

There had been another box resident before her. Gandalf still had a towel in it then that you could also use as a roof when he demanded absolute peace. Doesn't it look cosy?

I am not sure what Greebo had in mind here. At any case he looks highly concentrated. Maybe he tried to make the box take off by sheer willpower?

There are lots of pictures of Ponder in various boxes. My favorite one is this although he scared me a little with that determined look of his.

Meffi looks as if she was ready to get packed up in this picture. This is an unusual picture, the little diva prefers baskets usually in which being carried around she loves.

I have no doubt that Merlin slept in this box very comfortably. Not. You know how cats are. They never cease to amaze us.

So now back to my question.
What is wrong with that big and new and lovely box that none of our cats wants to try it out .....?
Any theories?


  1. Hmm... Maybe it's too big? Sometimes cats prefer a particular box size. I love all your other pictures - Ponder looks especially devious!

  2. My theory....if it hasn't become an object of interest because it may have a weird smell in it they don't like...or they've yet to explore it and one day it will become a cat napping box. That's all i can think of for now.

  3. My theory is they are waiting until you decide to remove it. Then it will magically become the favorite. lol Isn't that the way it works? Love the post... and the pictures, sooo cute. <3

  4. Think starriknytes is onto something, sounds right! *lol*

  5. YOu need to put something in it that you want.... like your tax info....

  6. Maybe I should rephrase that.... You should put something into it that you NEED ... I don't think anyone wants their tax info!