Quote of the week

Today's quote is one of the most famous of TV history.
It has been used by many comedians and even you might have said it one or the other time, maybe slightly altered. I say it to my cats which doesn't make sense at all, it's not like they listen to me. Cats will be cats, but there will only ever be one Lassie ... and one after that and one after that ... you get the point.

So which one is the quote you remember best from the countless episodes of Lassie?
"Timmy is in the well."
You know what? Timmy was never in the well. I don't know why, maybe the writers didn't like wells. We'll never know how Lassie would behave in a well crisis. And still that quote will stay out there. TV history.

P.S. In the picture you don't see Lassie, but a collie girl who has been very dear to my heart, Flocki. I still miss you, girl.

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