I'm a little late, it's already after midnight and therefore the 2nd of January. I procrastinated and then again I didn't. I just didn't do what I had planned to do. A great way to start into the new year because you might remember I don't make resolutions anyway - like getting things done in order for example ;-)
What I did do is take some bling pictures. Where the bling is you want to know? It's there, believe me, only there hasn't been good light all day. Fog is not my friend.
If you know Swarovski you also know it's hidden somewhere in this picture. Not the Swarovski, the bling! I keep staring at it and don't even want to put the two pieces away.
Ok, so I am a newbie to this. I have been told I'll be lost now and looking at the different colors I got I am afraid "they" could be right. I won't tell names ... you out there, you know who you are.

This is the second heart I made. The first one had no beads, but boy, do beads change this design!!
It's in my ArtFire studio now, sparkling away.

I have been slightly obsessed with stars lately, maybe the holidays are to blame. This one is a little plumper ("figure"wise ;-)) than the others, I gave it an extra row all around and I like it. You can find it in my Zibbet shop.

The stars are still stuck in my head with a different idea, somewhere in that long queue, so I'm pretty sure you will hear from them again, they might look a little different, though. Nope, not saying anything else.

I hope you all had a great first step into this new year!

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