The last door - Same procedure as every year?

It's New Year's Eve. Time for fireworks, champagne, resolutions, party, dancing .... or sleep.
Yes, it's true. The last years I celebrated New Year's Eve when I felt like it. Or I didn't. I went to bed early or I stayed up and read, played a game, watched a DVD while crocheting. Or once I tried to find the way home through the thickest fog I have ever seen in our town.

Am I a spoilsport? I don't think so.
What my plans for tonight are, you are asking? I'm pretty sure I will watch "Dinner for One" at least once, it's a New Year's Eve tradition. After that - time will tell, I don't know yet.

What I do know, though, is that I wish you a great day. Party into the night, dance, sing, but please take care of yourself (and your pets, should you have them!!).

And now let's get ready for a hopefully grand New Year!


  1. I will be at a party but have no idea if dancing will be included. personally I am not a fan of the festive season, but tiz soon over!

    Best wishes to you for 2011... :-)

  2. Thank you Blu, same back to you!

  3. I have been so blessed to have met you, and enjoyed your friendship this year. I'm sure that whichever way you choose to enjoy your New Years will be the perfect way for you. For me lol you know the bubbles will flow, and I promise to pretend to be happy. Cheers!! See you next year my lovely friend!♥ ♥ xoxo ♥ ♥

  4. Hope you had a great bubbly time while I was sound asleep dreaming weird stuff again *g*
    See you over there, dear!