The tenth door

Gifts for Christmas don't always have to be a big thing. Little things, sometimes even a special card, a flower, can do the trick as well and bring just as much joy.
From Scandinavia comes the tradition of Julklapp which is supposed to be the origin of other traditions like Secret Santa or as we call it in Germany "Wichteln". It means exchanging little gifts without knowing who your gift is from.

And then of course there are the swaps in the creative community. It's fun to exchange handmade gifts (not always that little as you will see in a moment).
We did a Christmas swap on Plurk recently and this week my parcel arrived. So exciting, especially when I saw who it was from!

Let me introduce Robyn from Jewelled Trellis. Robyn - World. World - Robyn.
And now let me make you jealous with my new pieces of jewelry. Yes, I asked before opening them if I should wait until Christmas.

These earrings are perfect for winter, don't you think? I'll have to watch out, so no Snow Queen will steal them from me.

The next pair feels like a promise of spring to me. It will be back and so will be the swallows who are carrying these pretty hearts.

Drum roll for my very first own piece of chainmaille!! I love how flexible it is!

If you are duly jealous now, you might want to take a look at Robyn's studio, there's much more, believe me ...

And Robyn, thank you so, so much!


  1. What a wonderful blog post. Huge hugs for you Cat. I hope you enjoy your secret santa gifts for many years to come and they remind you that distance doesn't separate friends especially on plurk.

  2. How sweet those are, and how much they make me miss you all at Plurk...You are a lucky, lucky girl to be involved with such a wonderful talented group of friends. Lovely post sweetie! <3

  3. Beautiful pieces Robyn and a wonderful blog post, its been so long since I've been to Plurk, I must venture back there!