The fourth door - It's snowing!

Do you know the name Wilson Bentley?
Before writing this post I had never heard of him. Obviously it was believed for a long time that he was the first one to ever photograph snow crystals under a microscope.
Do you know the name Johann Heinrich Ludwig Flögel?
Obviously he actually was the first one.
These pictures were made by Bentley, though. The farmer took pictures of 5000 snow crystals over the years and he put up the thesis that no two snowflakes are alike.

Do you know the name Nancy Knight?
1988 the snow researcher published photos of two identical snowflakes. Oops. Sorry, Wilson. I'm sure the general public doesn't know of it. I didn't.

Also scientists are sure they were not identical on atomic level, anyway.

Do you know the name Sunny Days Embroidery?
You don't? The following pictures were taken by Fran whose studio is called by that name. And the items in the pictures (click them if you want to know more ;-)) were also made by Fran. Non-melting snowflakes. I'm not sure if Wilson would have had as much fun with them as with his melting kind, but I love them. The snowflakes, the icicles ... and that's only the winter ornaments. There is so much more! Funny ones, cute ones, the decorative kind, the useful kind (maybe you remember my spider web coasters?). Check it out!

Ehm, and is anyone surprised that this one is my favorite right now??


  1. ooh pretties. I love those snowflakes. Thanks for finding yet another wonderful studio for us lazy shoppers :)

  2. Should have known those beauties would be Franni's. Please let her know that I love them and that I miss her. You too Cat. I love the snow flake theme here. It is great information. <3