The twenty-fifth door - White Christmas

When I was a child, I got a book called "Christmas stories of our time". The editor wrote in her foreword that she challenged her fellow authors to write about Christmas and the result was a collection of happy, sad and thoughtful stories.
My favorite story that I shared with many others over the year is the one of the Christmas elf. He has to fulfil three tasks to make Christmas a white one.
This year the Christmas elf and his friend, the unicorn, seem to have done very well. They have found the nine bullfinches on a branch, they rung the bells of the abandoned church in the Five Lords Ground and they led Jack Frost back home to the Yew Forest.
And now we have loads of snow out there again ...

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  1. Oh My!! I'll say!! Excellent job Christmas Elf. This snowy seen looks cold and wet, yet very peaceful. I hope you are enjoying your white Christmas.
    ♥ ♥ xoxo ♥ ♥