The seventeenth door

A cup of chai (matching the time of year in my high snowman mug), a blanket over my knees, silence all around except for the ticking of the regulator clock downstairs and the purring of the cat in my lap ... life was good last night.

I was so relaxed I couldn't think up a smart blog post, hm, not even just a blog post, but maybe you felt my thoughts going out to you, wishing your life was just as good at that moment.

In this spirit - cheers to all of you, may you be able to look forward to a wonderful 4th advent weekend!


  1. Your post are one of the few things that bring me joy these days. Love your snowman mug. <3 It sounds like you were in your own little slice of heaven...:D

  2. Thank you dear. You'd be welcome if you were a little closer.