The twelfth door - quote of the week

I love Cary Grant. Nothing new there. I'm the mushy type. Nothing new there, either.
Cary Grant in a Christmas movie? Irresistible.

I can't count how often I have seen this movie, but it never fails to help my Christmas mood. I don't have a favorite quote for this movie, but I have several favorite scenes.
One of them is the choir rehearsal in the church. One by one the boys come in and sing along until the whole choir is there. Beautiful voices and the song gets me each time.

The Bishop's Wife, USA, 1947

P.S. Just a personal opinion - forget the remake. I like Denzel Washington, but this here is the true thing.

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  1. I like that movie too. lol It always makes me cry for some reason...but everything does at this time of year. <3