The third door is hiding the winner

Aaaand the winner iiiiiiiiis ........ Michele!

Congratulations ... your new rainbow ornament will go out in the mail to you within the next few days! :-D
I hope you'll have fun with it!

Thank you to all who shared their Christmas memories with us. As promised now I'll share one of mine with you from the year 1970 when I was five years old.

24th of December and an excited kid (you know we celebrate the main event on the 24th) in front of the living room ... the door opened .....
and there was a brand new doll's pram inside. And even more, hand sewn doll clothes.

Little Cat was a little ingrate, though, I'm afraid to say. Her older sisters got Mattel dolls and since little Cat has always been a sucker for miniature (which hasn't changed to this day), she was fascinated. The small shoes, the tiny buttons and zippers ... Cat started nagging like only a five year old can. She annoyed her sisters wanting to look at their dolls.
And finally she was promised that she would get her own doll as soon as the stores were open again, the 27th. Those must have been difficult two days for the whole family!

On the 27th then we went to the store and I got my first Mattel doll. It was Stacey, Barbie's British friend, with platinum blond hair. I loved her and she's still in my collection. Her face has turned yellow, she's missing half a foot, so she prefers to wear boots with the evening dress my sister made for her. When sending her to the library that I had set up in my chair, her feet hit the ground a little too hard, I guess. She's also missing a finger, it broke off from putting bracelets on her wrist too often. If you look really close, you can see one on her left arm. She has a head split from taking her head off too often to put clothes on her or handmade necklaces (nowadays I know how to make a necklace you can put on without having to take their heads off ;-)).

If you worry about my baby doll, there's no need to. She was taken for walks outside in her new pram and she wore her new clothes, too. When she finally broke (she kept losing her limbs), my teddy bear who had about the same size, inherited her more unisex kind of clothing.
Ok, so that is no excuse for behaving like a spoilt brat, but I apologized more than once for it over the last 40 years, so I think I'm forgiven by now.


  1. Thats too funny!! And you still have her all of these years later. She is a very lucky doll. ;-)Thank you for sharing your Christmas story with us.xoxo

  2. She reminds me of what a "lovely" child I was! *lol*

  3. LOL - I ones tricked my brother into showing me all of my presents before Christmas. It turned out I wasn't getting what I wanted most - a CD player. So I was miserable all December, but couldn't tell mother why. But of cause I got the cd-player, Mum had just not told my brother about it. I never peeked at my presents before time since :-D

  4. I once discovered a board game on the wardrobe when I was a child. On Christmas Eve the game was missing from my presents, they had just forgotten it up there.
    To get it, I had to confess I knew about it!