The fourteenth door - snow creatures

I tried. Really, I did. I went out there into the cold and I wanted to build a snowman. Unfortunately the snow was too powdery and all I could manage was a snow pile.
So I had to dig into my photo files and came up with this instead.

Easter 2008 we had a visitor from India. She had never seen snow before. We had had quite a bit snow, but in March it all was gone. After going to an Easter market, though, we decided to drive around a little to show her the landscape and when we got to the Swabian Alps, imagine our surprise ... there was still snow! Enough for children and their sleds and enough for our friend to get excited.
I showed her how to make a snow angel.

After the first surprised look she threw herself on the ground as well. Snow angel pair! (And a lot of footsteps ...)

My craving for activity had been satisfied by that, you know how I feel about snow. The two others however decided to build a snowman while I took pictures with my cell phone camera. You should have seen the people walking by. Almost all of them stood there for a bit to watch, they all smiled, some waved and told us how cute the little guy looked. And one even took pictures.
Regarding the number of children around I was a little surprised that it was the only snowman around.
I think I liked his ears and "hair" best. It was almost hard to leave him behind, but I think he enjoyed it, after all he was king of the hill! :-D

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  1. Growing up in the Black Hills of South Dakota snow was common on Easter. I don't miss it a bit. lol I'm glad your friend got to experience it. I'll bet she had fun. Again lovely post Cat. <3