The eighteenth door - Very random thoughts about angels

I think it was in a book by Astrid Lindgren where a child wondered about how angels get their tunics over their wings. The question always sounded perfectly justified to me. How do they?
And why didn't I give this poor little fellow arms? He's no bird who can get along with just wings.

What is it that fascinates us about angels, those messengers of God?
Why do angels look male and the known ones have male names?

Whatever the answers to these questions are, without any question the Christmas story is hard to imagine without angels.
Angels told Mary and Joseph about the child to be born. You will hardly find a nativity without little angels singing or making music.

And don't forget: "Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings." ;-)
I wonder what I have to do to get the little guy above arms ...

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  1. He's very cute without arms, and thank you for making me think. I had not noticed that angels were male, or without arms. lol The angel on top of my tree is female and holds a candle so maybe the answer is that only female angels have arms. ;-)