The twentieth door - "The List"

Do kids still believe in the list dividing in naughty and nice?
A friend posted a website where you can check your own results for Santa Claus' list (shh, I cheated a little here, it's Jack Skellington once more jumping in for old Nick).

That made me wonder. Have I been naughty or nice last year? And what exactly would count to that list? Is it like a poll? I mean if at work I deny someone something sticking to the rules and that someone dislikes me for it while my boss is pleased with me, how does that count to the list? Or doesn't work count at all?

I'm sure I haven't always been nice. No one is, but how naughty was I? And why can't I remember anything at the moment? All I know is that I didn't help any elderly ladies across the street (... and I'm happy to say no kid regarded me as elderly and helped me across the street, either).

I yelled at my cats more than once, especially when they were showing me their claws, but maybe that would count as self-defense? I promise I didn't lock Esme into the cabinet because I wanted revenge for the scratch she gave me a few days before, I just didn't see her hiding in there when I closed the door.

What good things have I done?
I have accompanied my sister to the vet's to carry "The Cat Who Hates Me" (without any particular reason, I never locked her up her anywhere). That's not bad for starters, is it?
I never went on the train without a ticket.
I listened to old ladies' stories on the train.

Gee, I hope there is more that I just don't remember at the moment ...

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  1. I can think of a few things: You provided me with beautiful bobbles that received so many compliments, you have been a wonderful supportive friend. You've offered me comfort even when I was wrong, and undeserving. You offered helpful suggestions, while never actually participating in tying me to anything. I think you have been very, very good this year. <3