The second door

When thinking of snow, I think of tights. Not the soft and beautiful tights of today, but the kind I had to wear when I was a child.

Now I'm not blaming anybody (except perhaps the producers of tights in these days) for having to wear them, but they were scratchy and I hated them. I hated them even more in snow, when I got wet. The mix of wet and still scratchy ... not nice.
Putting them on after you had a bath was torture and the feeling when you were allowed to take them off again was bliss.

It's funny, but somehow this feeling is still stuck in my head when I see snow. So I guess snow never stood the chance of being liked by me. Sorry.


  1. I always relate tights to the ugly ones we had to wear to school - they never fit properly, and were always uncomfortable. So pleased to see that they come in such a variety of sizes these days.

  2. Little girl tights were weird...and they did get baggy in stange places...had we cut the feet out we could have invented the first leggin which i totally love to wear. ♥

  3. I too remember struggling to get my tights on after a bath.lol I still have an aversion to those things.