Vacation update

Well, yeah ... I knew it wouldn't work out. I still haven't written the e-mails, two of the challenge pieces are not finished yet, but to my defense I have to say that I wasn't home longer than a day.
I went to a, let's say, sort of private movie festival. Who knows maybe one or the other quote will turn up eventually.
That doesn't mean I haven't gotten anything done.
Let's see.
- one challenge item done, one almost done, the last one prepared (not sure if that one will work out), laundry done and chest cleaned out
- feet put up thoroughly, DVDs watched in abundance
- social media and e-mails ... ehm ... *cough cough* you get it
- grocery shopping done, but not by me, pile of books reduced a little bit
- playing with cats done, photos not really
- clay is still on my list, but calls to friends and family are done
- visit family ... done
- I didn't really believe I'd write a letter by hand. That's good because I didn't do it
- online gaming ... nope ... nap one, today
- relaxation ... oh yes, it was a very relaxing week. Can I have another one now?

And I dreamed, not about my to-do list, but about someone who shall stay unnamed pushing Ponder around in a shopping cart at work. I do dream weird.
If you want to see proof of something I have done, here it is - yes, I'm still obsessed with Deronda's gorgeous lampwork beads.
This necklace makes me think of a painting of spring in the countryside.
It's in my ArtFire studio now.



One week off. A whole week.
In this time I can make the three items for my three guild challenges, I can do all the laundry and clean out our big chest.
I can put my feet up and watch DVDs.
I can catch up on writing e-mails before my friends unfriend me.
I can write tons of blog posts, facebook, tweet and plurk and don't forget the forums.
I can go grocery shopping and I can reduce the pile of books still waiting for me.
I can play with the cats and take photos, at home and maybe in the woods when going for a walk.
I can finally play with polymer clay again and I can call friends and family.
I can visit family.
I can write an old-fashioned letter by hand.
I can play online games and take a nap afterwards.
I can relax.

I can dream, right? ;-)

At least I started being a bit productive again already. I made a cuff and finally listed things that had been in my secret drawer for a while.
Have a look, applaud and admire me. For the pieces themselves if you like them of course, but also for me dragging myself not only to my photo setup, but also the computer to actually end the misery of the "drawer inhabitants". Maybe you have seen some of them in my shop already, if not, you are welcome to click the pictures for more information.
So, to speak with one of my favorite lines from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, "come up to the lab and see what's on the slab".

Here's the cuff - warm golden copper wire and black seed beads. It was a spontaneous idea, I wouldn't have thought they'd go THAT well together. I'm really pleased with it.
And it already sold to a dear friend.

I am in love with these tiger eye beads. I had looked at them more than once in the online bead shop of my trust, but never saw them in one of my pieces - until I started with the needle lace. When I saw them again, I knew they would be doomed to live in a net. Well, maybe not doomed because I think they are looking good that way!

I struggle with asymmetrical designs. Sometimes I jump my personal limits and go for one. And of course I love to get an occasion to use a lampwork bead by Deronda. I feel although it doesn't take away the attention from the green and gold, it still adds that bit of interest.

If you think that is all you are actually wrong. I need to save a bit for my next posts, though. See you then!


Quote of the week

Today is Easter, so what better to choose than a quote from an Easter movie. You expect one of the big ones now? "Quo Vadis"? "The Robe"? "Ben Hur"?
Sorry, you should know me better than that. I just can't seem to grow up.

The quote is: "Never trust a man with a blanket."
Time's running. I'll give you a hint. It's TV and it's short.
Ok, did you know it? The "man" with the blanket is Linus van Pelt of course.
If you have never seen it this Peanuts movie, do it. Snoopy's dance with the bunnies is the cutest thing you've ever seen. Of course I'm a total nut for the Peanuts and especially Snoopy.

Happy Easter to all of you!


Quote of the week

I'm late. Sorry. You know who you are, you slave driver. I still love you.
So here we go.

Don't get them wet. Keep them away from bright light. And never feed them after midnight.
We all know who we are talking about, aren't we?
They start out all cuddly and cute, singing softly, but treat them wrong and boom, you got a bunch of gremlins in your house!

My boyfriend, many, many, many, many, many years ago, liked to distract me when we were playing pool, hunkering down, barely looking across the table, softly saying "Mogwai". I was a teenager, what can I say, it worked.

Yup, that's today's quote.

And now go and hide that food. You might think those animals in your house are cats or dogs, but maybe you shouldn't take chances ;-)


Seriously now!

How am I supposed to post something on my blog with my keyboard being blocked like that??


No - quote of the week

Postponed due to absolute emptiness of my brain. Sorry about that, but I hope I'll see you next week?


Critters in the garden

Spring is really here - the flowers are coming back and the bumblebees, the birds are chirping loudly again. Oh, and the snails are at it as well already.
Today I want you to meet the critters that didn't leave our little garden in the winter and are also here to greet spring.

All of them have fooled people before, it can happen if you just see them from the corner of your eye.

Ms. Cat. She has a hard life. She has been kicked and dropped and actually after a few years of inadvertent abuse there is not much more of her left than the head.

Mr. Lizard. He likes to changes spots. At the moment he is enjoying sitting with Ms. Cat for a little talk.

Youngster snail. He was the latest addition to our critter crowd. At least he doesn't eat much.

See you downstairs then!


The planet Hoomun - a WIP

There I thought I only had one friend who is an alien (you have heard a bit about her before, well, not much more than the fact that she is one when I made a UFO pendant for her).
Much to my surprise today I found out that another one of my friends is an alien as well!
She's a Hoomun from the planet Hoomun. Don't ask me where it is or how far it is away, but I guess it must be a pretty decent place as she is a pretty decent person. Crazy of course, but then again ... who isn't?

When showing a picture of my latest WIP, a wire crochet and lampwork pendant (which is still missing the chain), she seemed to recognize it. Without knowing myself I made the pendant after the image of her very own galaxy! Sometimes I amaze myself.

So here I present to you a very exclusive sneak peek pic of *drumroll* - the "Planet Hoomun"!

P.S. My friend shall stay unnamed. You know how it is, special agents coming by, asking questions and all that.
P.S. Hey. I never claimed to be normal because - where's the fun in that?


Quote of the week

Have you ever wondered what the neighbors are doing in that house over there? Has your fantasy played weird tricks with your mind?
In the movie today's quote is from a whole neighborhood goes nuts about the new neighbors. There are quite some characters in that neighborhood and among them there is the nice guy, the guy who just wants his peace and who doesn't want to have trouble with anyone. He's played by Tom Hanks which is perfect.

The absolutely funniest scene in the whole movie is when they all go over to the new neighbors' house to welcome them (and snoop around a little).
One of the three Klopeks ("Klopek? Is that Slavic?"), Hans, offers them a snack.
The sardine comes on a pretzel which is funny in itself. Seeing Tom Hanks eat this sardine however is an absolute highlight and cracks me up each time.

Whenever I offer someone something to eat, I go "Sardine?". So if you are still in for the treat of meeting me in real life, be prepared.

If you like 80s movies with a black twist, you should try this one!


SATeam's Mother's Day Giveaway Event

Mother's Day is not far away. The USA and Germany celebrate it on the 8th of May.
The Starving Artists Team decided to start a big giveaway in honor of it. We'll give away three gift certificates in the value of 100 $, 50$ and 25$!
The winners can choose items from any of the participating shops. Now doesn't that sound great? And entering is so easy!
Hop over to our team blog for more information. Can't wait to see you there!