Vacation update

Well, yeah ... I knew it wouldn't work out. I still haven't written the e-mails, two of the challenge pieces are not finished yet, but to my defense I have to say that I wasn't home longer than a day.
I went to a, let's say, sort of private movie festival. Who knows maybe one or the other quote will turn up eventually.
That doesn't mean I haven't gotten anything done.
Let's see.
- one challenge item done, one almost done, the last one prepared (not sure if that one will work out), laundry done and chest cleaned out
- feet put up thoroughly, DVDs watched in abundance
- social media and e-mails ... ehm ... *cough cough* you get it
- grocery shopping done, but not by me, pile of books reduced a little bit
- playing with cats done, photos not really
- clay is still on my list, but calls to friends and family are done
- visit family ... done
- I didn't really believe I'd write a letter by hand. That's good because I didn't do it
- online gaming ... nope ... nap one, today
- relaxation ... oh yes, it was a very relaxing week. Can I have another one now?

And I dreamed, not about my to-do list, but about someone who shall stay unnamed pushing Ponder around in a shopping cart at work. I do dream weird.
If you want to see proof of something I have done, here it is - yes, I'm still obsessed with Deronda's gorgeous lampwork beads.
This necklace makes me think of a painting of spring in the countryside.
It's in my ArtFire studio now.

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