Quote of the week

Have you ever wondered what the neighbors are doing in that house over there? Has your fantasy played weird tricks with your mind?
In the movie today's quote is from a whole neighborhood goes nuts about the new neighbors. There are quite some characters in that neighborhood and among them there is the nice guy, the guy who just wants his peace and who doesn't want to have trouble with anyone. He's played by Tom Hanks which is perfect.

The absolutely funniest scene in the whole movie is when they all go over to the new neighbors' house to welcome them (and snoop around a little).
One of the three Klopeks ("Klopek? Is that Slavic?"), Hans, offers them a snack.
The sardine comes on a pretzel which is funny in itself. Seeing Tom Hanks eat this sardine however is an absolute highlight and cracks me up each time.

Whenever I offer someone something to eat, I go "Sardine?". So if you are still in for the treat of meeting me in real life, be prepared.

If you like 80s movies with a black twist, you should try this one!

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