Quote of the week

I'm late. Sorry. You know who you are, you slave driver. I still love you.
So here we go.

Don't get them wet. Keep them away from bright light. And never feed them after midnight.
We all know who we are talking about, aren't we?
They start out all cuddly and cute, singing softly, but treat them wrong and boom, you got a bunch of gremlins in your house!

My boyfriend, many, many, many, many, many years ago, liked to distract me when we were playing pool, hunkering down, barely looking across the table, softly saying "Mogwai". I was a teenager, what can I say, it worked.

Yup, that's today's quote.

And now go and hide that food. You might think those animals in your house are cats or dogs, but maybe you shouldn't take chances ;-)

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