Critters in the garden

Spring is really here - the flowers are coming back and the bumblebees, the birds are chirping loudly again. Oh, and the snails are at it as well already.
Today I want you to meet the critters that didn't leave our little garden in the winter and are also here to greet spring.

All of them have fooled people before, it can happen if you just see them from the corner of your eye.

Ms. Cat. She has a hard life. She has been kicked and dropped and actually after a few years of inadvertent abuse there is not much more of her left than the head.

Mr. Lizard. He likes to changes spots. At the moment he is enjoying sitting with Ms. Cat for a little talk.

Youngster snail. He was the latest addition to our critter crowd. At least he doesn't eat much.

See you downstairs then!


  1. I have 2 large metal cranes bought at different times... Camilla lives outside year round and is cast iron.. Charles is a wimp and spends the winters on the front porch and has to be brought in when ever it gets windy! I also have a pig that has to be moved two or three times a summer so that he doesn't impede the growth of wanna be flowers. I'm sure they are all wishing your kritters a happy spring. Although Charles is still on the front porch with the flower baskets I brought in last fall!

  2. Charles and Camilla?? You are priceless *lmao*