The planet Hoomun - a WIP

There I thought I only had one friend who is an alien (you have heard a bit about her before, well, not much more than the fact that she is one when I made a UFO pendant for her).
Much to my surprise today I found out that another one of my friends is an alien as well!
She's a Hoomun from the planet Hoomun. Don't ask me where it is or how far it is away, but I guess it must be a pretty decent place as she is a pretty decent person. Crazy of course, but then again ... who isn't?

When showing a picture of my latest WIP, a wire crochet and lampwork pendant (which is still missing the chain), she seemed to recognize it. Without knowing myself I made the pendant after the image of her very own galaxy! Sometimes I amaze myself.

So here I present to you a very exclusive sneak peek pic of *drumroll* - the "Planet Hoomun"!

P.S. My friend shall stay unnamed. You know how it is, special agents coming by, asking questions and all that.
P.S. Hey. I never claimed to be normal because - where's the fun in that?


  1. Of course when you prefer to stay unnamed it isn't very good tactics to go an comment Deb

  2. That appears to be a great planet to be from! No visable snow! Beam me up!

  3. Lovely pendant and I'm glad to see I'm not alone in the craziness.

    You have a very good point Liesan. But we still love our Hoomun!

  4. Shuttle is rented. We'll meet tomorrow at 8! :-P

  5. Missed the date.. tonight instead? Bet your library carpet is lumpy... so I would loose all my little seed beads into it! But I'm sure it's the perfect colour!

  6. It's ok, we'll give it another try. I had problems parking the shuttle ;-)