Chair thieves, ribbons and treasure

Blue sky, white cotton ball clouds, sun, warm - the perfect Sunday for a fleamarket. The one we went to is usually one of my all time favorites, for a great atmosphere and also for some spectacular finds (I am not exaggerating!). Today it was a flop. I don't know what was wrong, but we came home almost empty handed.
So I am sitting here now blogging although I should do some research for something else. I am not sitting in my usual chair, though. When I came to the computer, my chair had already been taken by a furry black girl. I couldn't throw her out when she looked at me with those big eyes, purring away happily. So I pushed the chair aside and took the tall guy's one instead which is not as comfortable for me because I am smaller than him. I only have to look at this picture to know it was the right decision, though. May I introduce the sleeping beauty? Excuse the picture, the colors are a little weird, but my camera was acting up again. I can't wait till my new one arrives.
So here is Esme, showing her bald little ear where the fur has not grown back yet after she got into a fight with her brother and had a scratch. She is lying on a dark and light blue blanket (told you the colors were weird!).
Ah, jealous Greebo is on the way to let me know he still exists, too! Ssssh, don't tell him he is going to the vet's tomorrow because he sounds like a bird, he seems to have a sore throat again.

What else have I been up to the last days? I played with my knitting spool. I had bought these ribbons on sale because they seemed perfect for an idea of mine. I love the fact they don't have clasps, but can be tied in the back.
First, I don't really like to put clasps on. Second, you can adjust the requested length easily. Third, you can actually also use them as hair bands!

Wine red ribbon with light pink metallic wire, spool knit together.

Two ribbons spool knit together without any wire. I happened to have orange and black in reach when I wanted to try that, so this became a Halloween band. Of course, this one is thicker than the ones I only used one ribbon and wire on. While you can easily put chunky pendants (like the crab agate) on the one ribbon ropes, a two ribbon rope works better without. Just my humble opinion.

This had been the original idea. Just the wire is spool knit and the ribbon runs along inside. These strands are not as thick of course, so I made two and twisted them. Do you also hear Christmas songs when looking at it?

And yesterday I finally caught a treasury again. I know I would probably make a terrible mess with resin, so I haven't tried yet, but I would sure like to because I think it's really cool stuff. Check out Soaping of organic compounds if you want to see some great pieces.

Last, but not least I can announce I found two more nests ... I hear funny little purring and scratching sounds in the night and see the cats staring at corners, but not doing anything. They seem wary, but not scared or aggressive. What is going on here??


When I grow up ....

.... I want to be a queen!
This is the title of my latest Treasury West. Actually I am not so sure if I would want to be one. Lots of money, castles, you can buy great clothes and jewelry, but also you have all these official functions, you have to kiss millions of babies and I am sure all that waving sooner or later gives you troubles with your wrist.
Still almost all little girls have that in them, I think? Wanting to be a princess and maybe grow up to be a queen at the side of your Prince Charming (strange, never heard of a King Charming, don't tell me they lose their charms as soon as they become king!!).
Well, just enjoy these regal beauties. And the pictures of queens as well :-P
If you want to click and comment, go to When I grow up ....

Last night was not exactly fun. One of my cheeks is quite ok, but the other one is really blown up. I had problems sleeping, but this morning I took a painkiller and dozed off. Now it feels strange, still hurts, but not as much.
Just now the phone rang, they called from the dentist's to ask how I feel. That only confirmed my opinion from two visits, that they didn't just seem professional, but that they also all were very nice. I can't say I have experienced something like that often.


Too much information? Sorry - feeling whiny

I guess by now half the world knows that I got two wisdom teeth pulled today. I didn't think it would be a great deal, but I forgot that I can be such a crybaby. The procedure itself was no real fun, but at least it was rather simple although I was sure I heard something breaking halfway.
But now I am hurting. Just so much that I can't sleep, just so much that I don't feel like reading, working on my WIP or even watching TV. What is most annoying is that my nose started running (away from all this) and that I can't blow it properly without tears in self-pity. At least one side is not swollen and doesn't hurt that much (this is the side on which my tongue keeps playing with the threads), but the other one is, right up to the eye.
Sorry again.

P.S. You are welcome to send me pain killers in form of comments, but don't forget I can't laugh very well at the moment ;-)


They are here ... I know it

How I know? Look here. I found these today. What is amazing to me is that none of the birds or creatures - whatever they may be - is trying to defend the nests. Actually it seems as if they are put in my way deliberately.
Just look how different they are. Some are almost flat, some are real thick, some have one really big egg and now there is one with three tiny eggs.
I have looked around for suspicious signs today, but I found nothing that couldn't have been done by the cats. There is another thing - if there are birds around, why are the cats so cool about it? Does it mean something that sometimes they sit there and stare up into a corner that seems totally empty to me?
Instead of getting closer to a solution it seems the matter is getting more complicated.


The power of jasper, strange eggs and class

Do you believe that gems have hidden powers? Check out the T-West I got today. Beautiful jasper all over it, in all varieties. According to the comments there are people who doubt that jasper protects you from spider and snake bites, though ... What do you think? Game to give it a try? ;-)
If you want to comment on that, go and visit Go away, evil spirits!

Some strange birds are nesting in this area and I have the feeling they are endemic only to this house. I haven't been able to catch a glimpse of them yet, but I found some of their nests. Small nests with one big egg each. Maybe I should watch them until they hatch? Although the nests look very similar, they do have different colors and the eggs look different, too.
Also I found some other nests lying around that are still without eggs and they again have different colors. One or two have an egg in them, but none of the attachments these have. What are they for? To hang up the nest? Wouldn't the egg fall out? Are
those secretive birds weavers maybe? I wonder, I wonder .....

P.S. Double strike, although it was a close call. Many of my favorite movies have Audrey Hepburn in it. There is an exclusively 1970s Japanese Francie doll (Francie was Barbie's cousin) whose make-up made her look like Audrey. I have seen some of her movies (Audrey's, not Francie's!) so many times I can't even count it anymore. I love "Charade", "The Nun's Story", "Roman Holiday" and "Sabrina", but I have to admit "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is not one of my favorites. The movie is not, but the costumes definitely are. Such a difficult decision, watch or not watch? As you can see it has influenced me nevertheless. Take a look at Silver and black and you will know what I mean!


Meet the babies!!

Take a look at those sweeties, six week old serval babies from our local zoo, the Tierpark Göppingen. It's a boy and a girl and this was their first big photo session. Looks like baby girl doesn't like to be a model.
They don't have names yet because we might have a naming event for them at our summer fest. If you have any suggestions, go ahead and I will enter them for you! ;-)
Oh, and for those who don't know what servals are - they are medium-sized African wild cats.

Mr. Baby Serval thinking how boring all of this is ... *sigh*

His sister thinking how annoying humans can be ... "Leave me alone, I am big, strong and dangerous!"



I haven't been to many fleamarkets lately, for different reasons, so I was really looking forward to the one today. Unfortunately it started to rain after a while and it is no fun trying to recognise things under a wet plastic foil. I was hoping to see some old beads or jewelry that I could take apart, but all I got jewelry-wise was a clasp for one of my WIPs from a commercial supplier.
Still it is rare for me not to find anything at all and this time it was not different.
Here is a bead set from the 50s or 60s maybe? I haven't found out anything about the company yet, but the graphics on the box seem to be that old. When I took it, my sister told me to watch out so the beads didn't fall out because the box had been secured with a rubber band. What a surprise it was when I opened it and it was still sealed! I have no idea if I will only use it as a prop or as deco, but it was so cheap I had to take it. I still remember the coasters made from beads like them from my childhood. I loved to play with them because they felt so heavy and funny to the touch and if you don't squeal on me I'll even tell you that once a thread ripped because I handled it too hard and the beads were all on the floor. Don't tell my mom ;-)

Yarn. I am not the best knitter in the world and I only knit while having my "phases" as I call it. At the moment I have a sweater I work on. It's a simple pattern and I am confident about it being finished around winter 2012. I only knit while waiting at the vet's usually, so progess is very slow.
But how could I resist this great offer? I looked at the yarn (produced in the small town that the fleamarket was held, I always liked this company's yarn and especially their crazy sales, but that story is too long for this post) and asked the guy at the booth how much it was. The way he stood a little aside of the booth should have told me he didn't want to have anything to do with it and he also told me why. "My wife has just gone, well, eh ... She'll be back in a minute." So we had a pleasant little talk until his wife was back. I had just seen the plastic bag with the yarn, but she said there was more and pulled out a tote bag with an unfinished sweater. Sadly she told me she couldn't knit any more and offered me the WIP, the yarn, two pairs of needles, the description and even the tote bag for just 7 $. The yarn is a silk/virgin wool mix, what a great deal! I felt bad for her and almost wanted to embrace her and tell her that. I think she was happy we had a nice talk and that I was so happy about my purchase. I won't be able to finish the WIP because there is no chance one wouldn't see the difference between her knitting and mine, but this will be one of my good fleamarket experiences.

Have you ever heard about a "reading clock"? Don't feel bad, nobody I know has. Unless they went to school in Göppingen, my home town, and even not all of them know it. I am trying to find out more about this "Lese-Uhr" that was produced in Göppingen as well and which was used in my elementary school to teach reading. I found a picture of an older looking example, not from plastic, but cardboard, it seems, that has been pictured on a school museum's site. I think I'll write to them and ask if they can help me out with more information.
This clock I found at the fleamarket also. Number three in my collection. The lady selling it asked me if I also needed a box with magic tricks or chemistry
stuff for kids. You should have seen her face when I told her the clock was actually for myself.

Not bad for a rainy day, huh? Now I'll have to save change for the next one - with beads, I hope!!


Two sides of me and teamwork

There are days I can't make my mind up. One minute I am happy, one minute I am frustrated and down and don't even know why. I call it "sitting in my hole". Sometimes it's necessary to sit there, contemplate my life and other things and then get out of there again - fast!
Yesterday was such a day. I felt empty-headed and not doing like anything, no matter if it was the laundry or something creative.
The spook is over today (and no, for men who might read this, it's NOT that time of the month :-P).
These two treasuries show my two sides quite well.

Brighten up your day is my sunny, funny self. In this mood I am irresistibly bright-natured and annoying ;-)

And here you see my dark side. The soul questioning life as such, mysterious, a little scary - and annoying *lol*
I am Dracula

Did I make myself sound like a madwoman (if there is something like that at all)? I don't think I am, but I am very emotional and likely to give in to moods (because I am a cancerian?).
It makes my life travel kind of interesting, though. My muse adapts to my moods very easily. If you look at my creations, you will find both sides as well. Why don't you find out for yourself?

And now we are talking about teamwork. I have been featured in two more treasuries - Dark red, blood and passion and But in your dreams ...

Thanks to my great Starving Artists Team!

A great weekend to all of you! :-)


Surprise message

For the first time ever I was featured in a treasury without my team and I am especially happy that it shows one of my favorite pieces - the blue rose.
Enjoy all those beautiful blues in A patch of sky!


Picnic and a kitty

The advantages of a virtual picnic are - no ants, no rain, comfy seating. The disadvantages are the drool spots on your shirt from looking at yummy stuff and not being able to taste it.
As we don't have any sun here in the moment, I can live with the virtual picnic, though. Maybe you will enjoy it with me in this treasury that is called "Tea for two hundred" after my favorite Donald Duck animated cartoon. Check it out on YouTube for example. I love this duck!
Oh, and like always click the image to enlarge.

After you hopefully had a little fun with the treasury, have a look at my latest kitty head listing. I made some a while ago, but kept them for the local zoo project. Today I decided my ArtFire studio was definitely missing some more feline influence. He has a big ole tom head with big cheeks and reddish brown tiger eyes and seems like a pretty relaxed guy to me.
Unlike some other real kitty who thought it was fun to stuff his belly very fast and then throw it all up on the stairs, also very fast. I am happy to announce I did not step into it and the culprit - no, I won't say names - helped me cleaning it up in his unequaled way, wiping like crazy around the spot that already wasn't there any more. Can someone make little paw cloths for him? The way he runs around here the floors should sparkle all the time. Washable, please. Contact me for my address data ;-)

So here he is now *drum roll*


48 hours for Larry

Many - unfortunately not all - people do not know what it's like to be sick, may it be an acute or chronic disease, and not having insurance to cover for it. I myself would be in big trouble if I had to come up for my medications or treatment.
A valued member of the ArtFire community has this problem right now, though - and it's a question of life or death.
Blockhead Radio where Larry, the said member, is the voice of The Crazy Train, called all of his friends to help.
If you want to help as well by donating or as a buyer in the auction that will be there, please get more info by clicking on the right.


What a show-off I am!

I just had to share that I did it. I am not sure if it was the first time that I caught both the Treasury West and the main one.
As you know from my blog, I am a cancerian. I have always been drawn to the moon, especially the full moon. Once we were driving to work in the morning and there was a perigee. For those who don't know the word (I didn't know it before a forum friend used it, but now it has a magic sound to me), it means that the moon is very close to the Earth. It was so beautiful, I was wide awake although I am a night owl and therefore have my problems dealing with the world at 5 am.
This huge moon - I just couldn't take my eyes off it and felt like we would be driving directly into it within seconds. I don't think I ever had seen that being so conscious about it if at all. I know I'll never forget it.
Oops, am I digressing? I found this quote and I liked it a lot, so here are my choices to go with the quote and the thought behind it.
Shhh, I like the talisman best and I am thinking very hard about buying it. Look at this moon and look at this pretty witch. I wouldn't want to buy it yet, though, because it gives the treasury an extra kick I think. What to do, what to do ....

Before I forget it, click on the image to enlarge it and if you want to comment or have a closer look at single listings (stay away from the talisman!!), here you go - Aim for the moon.

Longing for some rain

Today it was very hot and humid again. The whole week I came home and was more or less brain dead. I told my doctor yesterday that my brain was running out my ears, but he didn't believe and didn't check it. Nothing creative at all and I am beginning to go on cold turkey. Tomorrow is my day off, though, so I am looking forward to maybe stay up long and work a little. And tomorrow, bah, it's just the laundry like every Friday and some chores that I will have to thing about first. Priorities, you know ;-)
At least I snatched another T-West and sssh, I'll go for the main treasury in a while, the clock is ticking. My poster sketch is ready and set, I am just waiting for the right moment.
This collection I had to choose pretty fast and my mind was so fixated on rain after I heard some rumbling in the distance that it had to be drops. I just love the birdie. Click on the image to make it bigger (for the people my age :-D) and if you would like to comment on Etsy, please go to Drop, a unit of measure.
You can believe one thing for sure, if those clouds are holding their promise and start to cry, I'll be out there and dance in the rain. It should be dark enough soon that nobody will call the men with the white jackets on me. Actually I have done that at work before, not dancing, but when everyone ran inside hiding from the summer rain, I ran outside, stood there with open arms, enjoyed the water of my face and didn't give a thing what people might think of me. I wish I would look a little more like a rain fairy, but actually I don't have any ethereal look about me. I remind myself more of the little fat fairy in Disney's Sleeping Beauty ....

No rain in sight yet, so I will put up a listing for my own drop, try out for the main treasury that will open in around 15 minutes and then go to my chair to look for my muse. She had time to sleep all week long!