Beaded outfits for Barbie, Dawn, and friends

In February 2015, I made my first beaded outfit for a doll. I had a Midge body and a Ponytail head (after I messed up Midge's own head up big time), but no dress I would have liked to put on her, so I came up with the plan to bead loom a dress for her.
I called the four posts in which I described the process "Barbie and tiny glass beads, the story of a new obsession" and I was right about that, an obsession had been born.
I made two more outfits in May - and then I took a short break. Uhm, five years "short", to be precise. That didn't have anything to do with my losing the interest, but with the epic fail of project #4 (which got realized in a different way six years later, though) and the major frustration caused by it. You can't imagine how often I got out the pieces I had before I even mustered the energy to rip them up.

Five years later, in June 2020, however, I was ready to try again, on a much smaller scale, with an evening outfit for a Topper Dawn doll.
It was the first one of ten outfits that I made from then until now, some of them for Mattel dolls, most for Topper dolls.
They won't be the last ones, I already have the next few ideas lined up.

A while ago, I have been asked to take a picture of all dolls together. That is difficult, given all the different sizes, also one of them has begun a new life elsewhere.
Instead I thought I'd make this page for them, so all pictures and links to the blog posts are in one spot, with the latest one at the top.

Sweets Sunshine angel - the blog post

Christ Child Dawn

Vampire Bat Angie - the blog post (updated)

Autumn Dawn - the blog post

Dawn on vacation - the blog post

Boho Dawn - the blog post (she emigrated to the USA)

Bride Dawn - the blog post

Regency Francie - Part 1 (The doll and the dress), Part 2 (The accessories)

80s Barbie - Part 1 (The doll and the clothes), Part 2 (The accessories)

Travelling Jessica - the blog post

Flapper Dawn - the blog post

Fairy Queen Jessica - the blog post

Francie Dietrich - the blog post

Evening Gown Dawn - Part 1 (The doll and her story), Part 2 (The dress), Part 3 (The accessories)

Hippie Francie - Part 1 (The clothes), Part 2 (The accessories)

Flapper Christie (Supersize) - Part 1 (The dress), Part 2 (The headpiece), Part 3 (Jewelry and shoes)

Flapper Barbie (this one really needs new pictures) - Part 1 (The introduction), Part 2 (The dress), Part 3 (The accessories), Part 4 (The head)

Barbie is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. I am not affiliated with Mattel in any way.
Dawn was a registered trademark of the Topper Company. I am not affiliated with Topper in any way.

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