Jessica goes travelling

One week later and Jessica has finally chosen the outfit to go with her bead embroidered overnight bag.
She wanted it to be fashionable yet comfortable, classic but not boring.

The white sweater is a moderate A-line and has a turtleneck that isn't folded over, but covers the neck completely. The edge is a decorative, lacy look.
The short sleeves are woven differently to add interest.

Jessica loves wearing long and bold necklaces over her sweater. Here she chose a copper tone Y necklace with a crystal and a huge (from her point of view) freshwater pearl. The brown and white tones go so well with her outfit and the accessories!

To add a bit of color to her outfit, Jessica grabbed her slim scarf made from a multicolor mix. Just a touch of yellow makes the sun come out, she says.
She can wear it like this, but also as a head scarf.

Among her favorite pants are these woven palazzo pants. They are wide and comfortable and even if they look blue at first sight, they also have that beautiful gold tone mixed in that you see if you take a closer look. It's one of Jessica's favorite colors (and mine ;-)).
She thought about wearing boots with them, but in the end she decided to wear her brown slippers after all. You never know how much you have to walk when going sightseeing.

Now the whole outfit in one picture ... Jessica looks quite happy with it, don't you think?

Oops, can't forget the bag. All of her important stuff is in there, she said, although she refused to show me what exactly she was taking.
I have the suspicion that she raided my snack shelf for her trip, and that bag is looking heavy! She better bring some souvenirs home for me :-)


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