Evening gown Dawn - Part 3, The accessories

Thank you if you are back after reading part 1 - the doll and her history - and part 2 - the dress - of this beading project, if you haven't read them, let me explain that this is about a Dawn doll for whom I beaded a dress.
In this post I will describe the matching accessories that I have made for her.

I started out as a jewelry maker, so of course I had to make some jewelry for her. Given the size I didn't have too many possibilities (also because the holes of my 2mm gemstone beads won't play nicely with my needles) although I have to admit that I had contemplated adding some armbands for her upper arms. One is allowed to dream, but it probably would have been a bit much.
Instead I settled on a golden choker in the peyote technique and a two bead Herringbone spiral bangle in the same color. Yes, I did use the black thread on purpose to give the jewelry some contrast on her skin and a bit of an edge.

Next she needed something to wrap in for stepping outside during a break ... if she goes to the opera, theater or a ball. I was growing up with stoles myself and of course shawls are a huge hit even now.
For that open look that knit or crochet stoles have I chose the netting technique to make little bead stole. The beads weren't completely regular and so the stole depending on how I pull it, but that reminds me of the old days as well, so I'm okay with it. I hope so is Dawn.
This piece has black size 15 beads that are partially coated in blue. Not even Dawn manages to buy all her clothing in the same color, but at least the bigger beads in the net match the dress.
The hardest part is putting the stole on her without it hiding too much or sliding off.

Not everyone carries a big tote all the time like myself. Dawn prefers a tiny pouch which is probably just enough for maybe her pink lipstick, a comb and some money. Who ever knows what's in a lady's purse or pouch or clutch, right?
The pouch is worked in peyote technique and has a little golden strap, so she can hold it or let it hang from her wrist.

So far it was rather easy, but now I came to the last and ultimate challenge - the shoes. I don't have any doll shoes that would fit Dawn. Her feet are too small for Barbie or even Francie shoes.
Heels would have been difficult to do. Then I remembered a scene from the book "An Infamous Army" by Georgette Heyer about a lady in the early 19th century who wore open sandals with golden straps and color on her toe nails, ooooh, the scandal!
Sandals, there was an idea.

It sounded much easier than it actually was, though. The sole was easy enough to make, I used the same black beads as in the stole, in brick stitch technique. Now just a strap and we were good to go, right? Wrong. The sandal kept slipping off her feet.
If you have Barbie dolls, you are used to some shoes falling off feet all the time. Some of the more expensive ones you may not even put on to avoid shoe splits, you just put them next to the doll (yes, Barbie shoes can be expensive because children lost them all the time, I know what I'm talking about, I used to be one of those children). The feet may be a little too wide - on the old hard bodies - or a little too slim or too slippery - older shoes on soft vinyl feet - or or or ...
Of course Dawn will be in a glass cabinet and not walk around much (I hope because the thought is a little scary, also her dress isn't really made for walking! ;-)), but I wanted those sandals to sit right, anyway.

Another try. Two golden straps, one in front, one in the back. No joke, I broke single beads in the first four soles trying to attach the straps safely. I know there's not much room in a size 15 bead, but this was getting ridiculous. Did it work, though? No, the sandal still kept slipping off.
Dawn, you are not Cinderella and there's no prince around the corner, would you please not lose your shoe??
So I tried to make the sole with size 11s instead, and I added one strap in front and two in the back. The sole didn't look quite as nice, though, the attempt at a heel looked kind of cute, but wouldn't hold up the way I wanted it, and in the end ... guess what? The sandal slipped off. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh.
New idea, new plan. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Try beads and wire. Nope.
The beads and wire brought me back to one of the early plans, though, with a little adjustment.
Tenth time lucky, right? (I know it's originally third time, but obviously that didn't work for me.)
Here you go, a small strap in front, a cross over strap going around the ankle and attached to the sole in the back finally did the trick.

I don't have pink nail polish, but I'm thinking about getting one that matches her lipstick.
So here's Dawn in her complete evening outfit now, ready to go out and have some fun ... at the opening of an exhibition of, erm, giant cat sculptures? ;-)
The last picture is to show you how small Dawn really is, compared to the step.


  1. Cat, I just adore the outfit you made for me! I especially like the shoes and the shawl - gorgeous!

    1. You are very welcome, Dawn! ;-) I'm glad I don't have to help put it on, though ...
      Seriously now, thank you very much :-*