Surprise, surprise!

In February it will be two years that my Merlin passed away.
Ever since he's gone, Meffi wouldn't go upstairs anymore. You could tell how much she missed him. She doesn't get along too well with the black devils. Ponder is too rude for her and although she has been seen exchanging quick nose kisses with Esme, there are times when I feel I need to buy a boxing ring for them and demand entrance fees.
The last few months she has started coming upstairs again, hm, more like running, but only if she feels the need to chase Ponder. As small and slim as she is, as big is her voice and she has the whole range, from growling to hissing, yelling and yowling and a sound that I would expect from a stag, but not a little cat.

Today however she was suddenly there, standing in front of the library, Greebo and Esme behind her looking just as surprised as I did, it seemed.
She checked out everything, first the library, then the old oven that stands in our hallway until the house's hallway is finished, and now she's in the library, sleeping on the pinball machine.

I just hope this won't be a one time incident, I always felt bad that she seemed to feel restricted to downstairs.
And there's this tiny spark of hope that one day she won't mind the noisy siblings around her anymore ...

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✭DalaHorse✭ said...

♥Love to Meffi...she's a beauty...glad she's visiting upstairs again....hopefully the other 2 won't be to hard on her.