From Lemmi to Ignis Fatuus

Lemmi (whose full name was Herr Balduin Percy Hannibal Lehmann) was a bookworm living in a library. I loved him and the stories he presented in the TV series "Lemmi und die Schmöker", translated "Lemmi and the old books". Characters came out of their books to tell part of their story, this was supposed to make children read the whole book. For me it worked although I probably didn't need the encouragement, but I know it worked for others, too. And maybe it would still work today, but Lemmi and his human companions only did their jobs from 1973 to 1983. What a pity.

Now I'm a librarian, at a very different one from the one Lemmi lived in. To be honest, most of our books don't do much for me as it's the technical branch and my technical side - let's say, it's a little under-developed ;-)
And still I love the feel of books even if I don't want to read them. To hold a book, to smell it, to feel the paper - maybe if I were not as technically challenged, I would have tried bookbinding myself. Ok, I did it twice during my training, but I decided to leave it to people who know what they are doing.

One of them is my HIE guild mom Liesan from Ignis Fatuus.
I have to admit it, I'm addicted to her books and so I wanted to show you my treasures. Where they come from there are more, you really should have a look before I can get back there! ;-)

Velvet. I can't help myself, velvet is so, so beautiful!
This was the book I started with. It's looked away safely from cat hair, though.

Seeing this book you know why the other one is locked away at the moment. This velvet-like book is always on my desk and often enough under my cats' butts. It holds my secret ideas ....

Do you remember the Polymer Clay Smoosher Masquerade Ball? This was a fan entry made by Liesan. Isn't it gorgeous? I had to have it!

My latest love are these miniature books, though. Black and blue and so cute!

Then it came to me that they were the perfect gift for librarians ... I'm lucky, the people these little beauties are meant for don't read my blog. When I opened the parcel however my first thought was to keep them *sigh*

And this is not all you can find at Ignis Fatuus! Have a look yourself.


  1. Very nice books, very unique.
    I loved Lemmi too :), I was always looking forward to watching him. Good old times *g

  2. You are so sweet :) We didn't have a Lemmi as far as I know but he sounds like fun