Quote of the week

I had it on VHS and watched it so much that the tapes finally looked like movies from the 20s, all jumpy and worn out.
And I finally got it on DVD when the tapes drew their last tortured breath.

I'm talking about one of the greatest TV series at all (my humble opinion), Blackadder. From time to time I ask myself which of the individual series I liked best. It always ends up the same, I can't tell.
What I can tell, is my favorite quote, though. I'm sure I do not stand alone with this, so get ready ... one, two, three ....

"I have a cunning plan."

Well done, my Baldricks of the world! ;-)

Blackadder, UK, 1983 - 2000

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  1. A great series, I remember the humour about the TURNIP!