Beaded candle - The fifth door

I own real candles, but can't remember when I actually lit one the last time. I never trusted (some of) my cats around open fire that could be knocked over.
The two candles on one of my cupboards are constantly crooked because one or the other tail keeps hitting them.
So instead I have fake candles with a wax surface and LED "flames".
When I started wire knitting, I also gave some candles a try. The long ones that I made first are difficult to put up because they tend to bend over, wire crochet would probably have been sturdier.
I also made a bigger one that stands well on its own, though, as it is wider and made from two wires. To make the "flame" shine, I put a small Christmas bauble inside. These pictures from a previous advent calender give you an idea of its size.

This time, however, I wanted a beaded version.
I used 8° pink lined crystal seed beads to bead around a small wooden dowel in peyote stitch. Two layers of metallic golden seed beads and a disk at the bottom make up the little candle holder (actually I had run out of the pink beads and had to think of something, but this is supposed to be a bit of challenge after all).
A flame of red and a very light transparent brown and voilà, here's your Christmas candle!
It can stand on its own or can go on the tree.


  1. Both of these candles are amazing! Very cool!


    1. Thank you, Michelle! Someone said some years ago I should put an LED light in the "flame", but I haven't tried to figure that one out yet, also because I keep forgetting!