I'm not ready! - The first door


This was a spontaneous decision when I just put my hallway decorations up. How about giving the Cat's Wire advent calendar another try? This is harder than it may sound. I can't promise to come up with something fantastic, new or exciting every day, but I'll give it my best.
Actually I will start this with a little cheating, though. It's already Sunday today, but I had to work yesterday and I was dead when I came home.
Now, however, I'm sitting here listening to one of my favorite holiday channels, The Christmas Radio, so let's get this thing started, shall we?
Decorations. I'm no master at them. My style has been called eclectic (one of the best words for making "what a mess" sound intellectual), whimsical, crazy, interesting and more, but that's okay because I think that rather fits me.

So this is what my hallway looks like this year. For those who have seen pictures in the past years, it's not the same. This year the little Lego house had to move to the window sill along with the little elf as I needed space for a newcomer. For the same reason I had to say no to my neighbor's offer to give me some quinces as deco.

What I love about it is that there are so many handmade pieces along some others. The two hand sewn hearts from Christmas fabric hanging in the mistletoe (from my neighbors' garden) on both sides were made by a friend. There is also a lace icicle in one of the mistletoes.

Here's the knitted wreath that my other neighbor made, some of my wire knit ornaments (including the "puffer fish" ;-)), my wire crochet star and the lace snowflakes made by a friend who's no longer with us. She also made the icicle and all three are ornaments I treasure a lot.

This is what the "first floor" looks like.

Can't do without my beloved Steiff Christmas tree, the mice and the ball! I got the little Villeroy & Boch candle holder at a sale some years ago. The Christmas kitties box was a lovely gift by co-workers (the candy is long gone!). The only handmade item in this picture is my wire knit candle with the little Christmas bauble in the flame to make it shine.

And here's the newcomer now. It took me two years to decide I really wanted to have this. I ordered it months ago and was so excited when it arrived!
As you can see there are 24 little boxes which hold a small lampwork bauble each to put on the glass Christmas tree.

It's the beautiful work of Paul from Phoenix Glass, check it out on Facebook!

Time for a cup of chai and maybe something to eat before I go finding something for the second door!


  1. This is awesome, every little detail has a meaning and a story. I love this.

    1. Thank you. I hadn't been aware there was so much by now until I took the pictures.