Quote of the week - The sixteenth door

I wonder what kind of holidays they have on other planets and how we would adapt there.
Our favorite alien family on Earth, the Solomons, is celebrating Christmas for the very first time. Knowing the Solomons this can't go smoothly.
Dick for example participates in a Secret Santa. Although twenty dollars are the limit, his gift has cost just a tad more, a hundred and twenty dollars more, and of course Dick is as modest as ever about it. Not.

Mary: My Dad would go out and get the biggest Christmas tree he could find. We'd go carolling, open our house to the neighborhood. All that sharing and generosity.
Dick (overwhelmed by sentiment): So beautiful. Look how generous I am! I AM Christmas!!

Well, a happy alien Christmas to you, Dick! He's not that happy anymore, though, when the police comes for him because he tries to get his Christmas tree out of a neighbor's garden ;-)
He's not the only one losing his illusions about Christmas. Tommy is desperate to find the perfect gift for his girlfriend. Harry finds out that the Santa Claus in the mall is not the real Santa Claus, and Sally who's wrapping gifts at the mall can't believe how unimaginative people are.
Will it become a good Christmas after all? Yes, it will!

3rd Rock from the sun, USA, 1996 - 2001


  1. Never saw this ... probably because they didn't show it in France. Sounds hilarious, but likely won't watch it, too many other things to occupy my mind these days!

    1. It is, but who has the time to watch everything, to read everything and to do everything! Not enough hours in a day :-D