O Christmas Tree - The third door

Gundel is in her favorite place on the stairs, Ponder has lost consciousness in his cat tower's plushy softness - a good moment to set up my Christmas tree.
Last year I had been searching for my ornaments, I thought I lost my mind. Turns out I did, there were in the same box in the same safe spot they had been during the last few years, but you know how it sometimes is with those safe spots. This year my memory didn't fail me, so here they are.
Yup, almost all of my tree decorations fit into a small box, but then my artificial tree is not exactly big, either. You can see the beaded bauble my friend Caroline made, some of my "pineapple slices", a few Christmas spider legs and my octopus bauble's tentacles peeking out.

As soon as I had the tree out, my second supervisor arrived on the scene. She gave a few branches a short nibble and went around the tree to check if I had bent all the branches the right way. Looks to me as if Supervisor Gundel is fine with what she saw.

The hardest part for me are the lights and the ball chain. Yeah, the baubles will hide the messy look, I think. As you can see my trusted wooden cats are helping to keep the tree in place (plus one of the branches is wrapped around the railing ;-)).

By then Gundel had decided she needed a second look. That chain didn't look very safe. Neither did it to me after she started pawing it! I still kept going. There are my earliest prototypes of wire crochet baubles, my wire knit and few beaded baubles, the beaded goodies from my friend, gifts from the neighbors like wooden stars and more, tiny baubles from my pal, the snowmen I made, the weird little octopus and the "mace" baubles. Last but not least I put my wire knit "flame" on top and of course Christmas Jack to guard everything!

It's a pity that it is such a grey day which makes it hard for me to take a good picture. Maybe I'll post another one if I find the chance and the light is good enough.

Well, and then the first bauble fell. While I had been decorating, there were some mysterious bauble shakes and I kept seeing a little black paw, but only when I was done, there it went - but didn't break!
So if you feel like betting on the cats or the tree, let me know! ;-)


  1. Cat, I've been lucky all these years, our Calico Cannelle never really bothered our ornaments. I've had an artificial tree for about 20-25 years, it looks real and is about 180m without the first tier of branches. And I have used transparent fishing line attached to a shelf to keep it from drooping!!
    Oh, about those top secret hiding places ??? Sometimes I find things years later, or if I absolutely NEED something, I can spend up to 1 week searching .... Happy Decorating, Alysen

    1. Thank you, Alysen!
      By now it's Gundel 2, tree 0. The second bauble makes a tiny sound when I touch it, but I don't see it's broken inside its wire knit skin.
      She also knocked down one of the "pineapple slices", but they can take that easily, no harm done.
      Another one of those was bent, but I suspect that was Ponder, he has always liked to do that. It's easily to bend them back again.
      I'll keep track *lol*

      Sweet Cannelle, not such a brat as mine! ;-)