Christmas cats - The fifteenth door

I wonder if cat mothers when asked by their kittens to tell them a story ever tell that of Christmas - the time when humans put up trees and decorate their houses with the most fabulous cat toys only to yell at innocent kitties who want to do what they were born for. Why can't they tap those dangly ornaments or bite into a ball chain to pull on it a little? Why shouldn't they climb the tree and say hello to the angel on top? Or fairy or star or whatever, those are just details.
Even worse, there are those humans who think it's okay for them to stop at nothing and dress up their feline overlords. Santa hats, fake fur stoles, coats, scarves, antlers and more!
You don't believe me? Just wait, I got proof. Heartbreaking, isn't it?
And those who escaped the dressing up madness have obviously been tortured by those delicious and fun looking ornaments.
It's all here, the surprised and the hateful looks, the incredulous ones and the ones that say "sleep with one eye open tonight, human".

Well, and then of course there is Oliver. Oliver is not taking no for an answer. Oliver owns Christmas, Oliver owns that tree. And the next one and the one after that. He's the master and I bow to him.

A huge thank you to my friends from My Cat Hates You and my sister for the great pictures!!


  1. Arrggghhh! As a fellow Cat Maman AND all animals in general, I abhor seeing some of the fb stuff with animals dressed up. Poor things! I saw a commercial on TV just today where a dog had 'elf' slippers on .. who finds that funny or amusing? Anyway, when our Cannelle was a kitty, I hung any ornaments up high enough where she couldn't get her paws on them. I dangled some yarn, a stuffed mouse, etc. down on the bottom and she played away. I was a SAHM then, and she never tried to jump up further or cause any other havoc. So Sweet, our Cannelle.

    1. Oops, I meant 'AND loving all animals in general,'

    2. These being pictures from my friends I know that their cats are very laid back about this and don't have to run around in costume all day, either :-) I know what you mean, though, there are definitely cringeworthy costumes which make me feel for the animals. My own pictures are of Greebo (white and black) and Ponder (black) with the Santa hat. They had to endure it for about 30 seconds ;-)

      I've had cats who didn't care about the tree at all and even the ones that liked to play with the ornaments never tried to climb it (the one now is too small, anyway), but that's cats for you, all different! :-)