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Today I let out a scream that may have been heard in the neighborhood. Ever since my thyroid surgery I haven't been able to hit high notes anymore, so I must say I did surprise myself.

What was the reason you want to know?
Glue. What else. It's always glue. This week I have dealt with it three times, why don't I learn from it?

This was supposed to be a winter related stash tackler and the idea sounded easy enough. Take a small white Christmas bauble, glue eyes and a mouth to it and a big pointy nose. It would be easier than last year when I made two little snowmen with beaded scarves from two baubles each.
Icicle nose from a clear spike as I don't have any orange colored ones. Why did I try the big nose? Just because I have a big bag of large spikes? Just because I liked the icicle idea? And why was I so keen on using the last few big seed beads I had? The answer is I don't know! I don't know why I kept trying over and over to hold those beads on the baubles when all they wanted was to slide off in an ocean of glue which then got on my hands, on my shirt and on my pliers that I used like as a tweezers substitute.

In the end I gave up. Off with their big noses! On with small ones! Not only did they look ridiculous against those big eyes, they also didn't want to stick, either.
There will come a day when I'll master this. That day wasn't today. Three little snowman heads went into the trash which felt a tad creepy. I didn't even take pictures of their small faces which were glue smeared by now.

Things don't always work out the way we want them to. Not even screaming can change anything about that ;-)
Time to try something else.

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