Quote of the week - The second door

Pettson and Findus (Festus and Mercury in the USA) live on a small farm in Sweden, with knitting hens and small creatures that only Findus, the cat, can see - the Mucklas.
Findus who is named after a brand of peas because he arrived on the farm in a box with their name when he was a kitten has been told about the Yule Tomte (Santa Claus) by the children, and now he really wants the Tomte to come to their house, so he can see him.
Pettson decides to make a mechanical Tomte machine, but although he often invents things, his plan doesn't work out. One of the wooden gears breaks, one small wooden gear is stolen by a Muckla, and to make it even worse, his neighbor Gustavsson has promised that Pettson will carve a hundred Tomtes for the Christmas bazaar!

What luck that Findus meets that strange postman in the woods whom he has to save from inside an oak tree ... or maybe it's not a postman after all?
A lot happens until Pettson and Findus are finally waiting for the Yule Tomte to arrive. Pettson who made his invention work with the help of Miracle Oil from a parcel the postman gave to Findus thinks it will be his mechanical one, but instead ...

Findus: Hi, Mister Tomte!
Pettson: He's moving so smoothly. Findus, don't worry if the Tomte's voice sounds a bit ...
Findus: Quiet, Pettson!
Tomte: Merry Christmas everyone!
Findus: Merry Christmas.
Pettson: Don't be upset if he doesn't know you're a cat. He'll probably ask if you've been a good child.
Findus: Quiet now!
Tomte: Have you been a good little cat?
Pettson: Well, actually he's a ...
Findus: Yes! I've been very good!
Tomte: That's just what I thought. You're a very good little cat and I've got a present for you. There you go. A surprise.
Findus: Thanks for coming, Tomte.
Tomte: Oh, welcome. Ho-ho-ho! Help the helpers help as we Tomtes say!
Findus: That's what postmen say, too.
Tomte: Oh, they do, do they? *laughs* Ho, ho, ho!

Findus and the Christmas Tomte, D/DK/S, 2006

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