Hogfather - The fourth day

You may not know who the Hogfather is, so here's a short explanation. He's the Discworld's equivalent to Santa Claus. You mean you don't know the Discworld, either? Sigh. Okay. A very smart, witty and funny man named Terry Pratchett told us about the Discworld, a flat world carried by four elephants who are standing on a giant turtle making its way through space. It's a magic place full of wizards, witches, trolls, vampires, dwarves and so much more.
Back to the Hogfather. One of the things he does is to bring children presents on Hogswatch night in a sleigh pulled by four hogs. Until the Auditors of Reality pay an assassin to get rid of him, that is. So Death has to dress up and take on the job while his granddaughter Susan tries to save the Hogfather.

When I got my pal this fabulous advent calendar for his birthday, I hadn't expected that I would be sent one free of cost, but it made me very happy. I have no idea why I didn't order one for myself in the first place!

It seems Gundel is determined to help me with my advent calendar (no, I didn't put her there) which is fine by me, but she's not getting any of the chocolate (no chocolate for cats, it's not good for them!).

P.S. Oh, and if you want to know more about the history of advent calendars, check out my post from 2010.

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