The Christmas pickle - The twelfth door

The Christmas pickle - honestly??
Yes, I finally gave up and made myself a pickle ornament.
For those who haven't read the story on my blog yet and don't understand what is so exciting about this, see this story from my very first advent calendar.

Actually I still don't know any Germans in person who celebrate this tradition.
In a silly mood, however, watching old Sherlock Holmes movies with Basil Rathbone on TV (which has absolutely nothing to do with anything except that I measure the time I need to make something in the length of movies or other TV programs), I started poking some roving and it happened to become a pickle shape which then happened to get embroidered with green and dark teal silver lined seed beads. That's how things go sometimes!
Bead embroidering a needle felt shape two beads at a time takes a lot longer than it sounds, but now I'm the proud owner of my personal one of a kind Christmas pickle ;-)


  1. Ha! I hadn’t heard of the Christmas pickle. Very cool!


    1. I'm surprised how many Americans seem to do this! It's a fun tradition (even if not German :-P).
      You could also make your own for next year! I've seen them in all kinds of version, flat bead embroidery would be fun, too.

    2. I still have hope that some medication will actually make me feel near normal. But I have to get worse before I can better. Doctors are really loath to start immunosuppressive drugs - as they should be. In the meantime my dexterity suffers. And yes, then a Christmas pickle!


    3. I'm so sorry, Michelle, you know I can relate. I'm really glad that, even if I often need breaks, I can still bead.