Candy cane - The eighth door

First let me say that for me candy canes have never been a part of Christmas although I knew about them of course. Spontaneously I can't even remember ever having seen one in person although they are surely sold here as well.
Nevertheless - or maybe therefore? - a candy cane seemed a good choice for an ornament.

There are probably loads of beaded candy cane tutorials around, but I felt confident about not needing one of them.
As a technique I chose my beloved Herringbone stitch with a round of eight seed beads each although I knew the curve at the top would look squished and weird if I tried to keep the rope round. Four seed beads would have been better, but too small for an ornament, at least for my liking.
Even if the cane is flattened now, it still looks good - that's just my personal opinion of course.
To distract from the shape a little, I chose to add a small beaded holly bow.
What do you say, does it work?


  1. Very cool! Candy canes are totally part of Christmas here, but I have never been a big fan of peppermint. So not any part of my Christmas for a very long time.


    1. Thank you!
      Just like Halloween, the first time I read about candy canes, was a child in a "Mary Poppins" book. Even then, I couldn't imagine eating one, though. To me, they are just pretty decoration. Do they smell like peppermint and how does that go together with Christmas scents?

    2. Surprisingly, I only remember that they smelled vaguely sweet.

    3. Maybe I will have to buy myself one next year to find out ;-)