Not going as planned

I'm still on vacation and the plan was to be productive, have fun, make little trips into the area, sleep in.
The plan was NOT to catch a cold and lie in bed for a few days, coughing and sneezing, complaining and moaning about a headache. At least I boosted sales for the tissue industry, I wonder if they'll give me a medal.

The sad fact is that I'm behind now on everything I had planned. I do feel better, even if I'm not my sunny old self yet, and I've got things to do!

Have you already heard that ArtFire has a new tool, the Collections?
I made my first one now, have a look!

Now isn't that really cool?

1 comment:

  1. Feel better, Cat! I am on vacation too...but vacation for me means guests and no jewelry making...loving the time but itching to get creating again. I need to check out the new AF Collections. :)